Binky Felstead shares her pregnancy workout routine

She's due to have a summer baby

Binky Felstead

by Eden-Olivia Lord |

Binky Felstead is currently in her second trimester and has decided to keep fit and healthy throughout her pregnancy by going to the gym.

The Made in Chelsea star announced she was expecting her first child with her on-off boyfriend and co-star JP (real name Josh Patterson) last month. Binky who is an ambassador for Reebok has already kept her 1.1million Instagram followers up to date with her fitness routine during her first trimester.

She posted a video a few weeks ago and wrote: "Soooooo here we goooo... first trimester workouts with @bethefittest. Trying to maintain fitness and strength during pregnancy by doing small modified workouts but often. Regular exercise throughout pregnancy has great benefits for both mother and child! Just listen to your body and don't overdo it."

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The reality star has now shared her second trimester work out plan which is slightly different to her pre-natal exercises. Posting a video on Instagram Binky wrote: "I mean… Looking VERY tired! But always no make-up to the gym!

"My second trimester workout with @bethefittest. This trimester is where most of my training in pregnancy takes place. My body is going through a lot of changes so I am working a bit of cardio, strengthening exercises for posture and core as my abdominals are beginning to stretch.

"Leg exercises as my knees have started to feel stiff and very sore. Pelvic floor exercises both fast and slow twitch which will help me when giving birth. During exercise I'm always staying hydrated drinking water often. And most of all working out makes me feel great."

She looks amazing! Her followers think so too, one person wrote: "Nice one, motivation for all pregnant women. Good luck to you"

Another person commented: "You do amazing!! I couldn't of done this while pregnant I was so big I looked like I was carrying twins… well done x"

Someone else wrote: "Great example to pregnant women that you don't have to stop your routine I ran through both of my pregnancy right up until a week before (light job) and I have to say it helped both labours and I had no complications. Straight after the birth my body didn't snap right back but it didn't take me long, healthy mind/healthy body healthy pregnancy."

Binky Felstead baby bump
Binky's little bump is adorable (Credit: Instagram / binkyfelstead) ©Instagram / binkyfelstead

Well done Binks!

It seems the mum-to-be is already preparing for the little one's baptism. The reality stars mum Jane Felstead – also known as Mummy Felstead – posted a photo of a dress and wrote: "Cannot WAIT to get this on that gorgeous little body! @BinkyFelstead #Baptism"

Binky Felstead
Binky and JP's baby is going to be baptised (Credit: Instagram / mummmyfelstead) ©Instagram / mummyfelstead

How sweet.

The yummy mummy recently hinted that she could be getting back together with JP she told heat magazine: "We've never said we are going to get back together just because there's a baby involved - that would be quite wrong.

"But I will say: where we are now is the happiest we've been in a very long time. I feel like things are going in the right direction, which is really exciting."


Did you work out during your pregnancy? Are you working out now while pregnant? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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