Amy Childs hits back at ‘mum police’ after they criticised her for weaning baby Polly

Amy Childs

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Former TOWIE star Amy Childs has defended her decision to wean her four-month-old daughter Polly

Amy Childs has hit back at critics after plenty of people were quick to judge her for weaning her four-month-old daughter Polly.

It all started after the 27-year-old mum asked her Instagram followers a simple question about weaning her daughter from milk to solid food. After pointing out that baby Polly is constantly hungry, she wrote: "I don't know why but I still think she is so small to be having baby rice but I'm going to give it a try as there now say to put them on rice at 4 months (a lot of new mums told me not to wait until there 6 months) Polly is a very hungry baby 👶🏻 , was any other mums nervous weaning??

"I sure am 🙋🏼 will let you know how I get on 🙊"

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Although lots of parents related to her experience, some were quick to warn her off weaning her daughter at a young age. Now, Amy has hit back at the critics and made it clear that she knows her baby better than anyone else.

Sharing a photo, of her weaning bowls, weaning spoons and a bib, she wrote: "Weaning at the ready.... 💗 To all you mum police out there, Polly is now 4 months and ready for her porridge!

"I know my baby like all you mums know your babies... Polly is a very hungry baby and on the packet it even says 4-6 months I have got so many haters commenting on my wall about weaning my baby..."

Amy Childs
Amy has defended her decision to wean baby Polly at four months (Credit: Instagram / amychilds1990) ©Instagram / amychilds1990

She added: "I'm so excited but also so nervous to start weaning Polly! So mums out there no hate please ✌🏻"

Hundreds of people commented underneath her photo with many of her followers showing their support. One person commented: "Don't be nervous! Like you say, you know your baby just like we know ours, my daughter was ready for porridge at 4months too! Weaning can be a rollercoaster but enjoy it! Let the messy times commence! You go mamma Childs 😘"

Someone else wrote: "You know when your baby is ready, I tried at 5 months with baby rice and he was having none off it. Tried again 2 weeks later and he scoffed the lot! So just go with the flow!! Enjoy the mess!!x"

Amy Childs
The reality star shared photos of her weaning products on social media (Credit: Instagram / amychilds1990) ©Instagram / amychilds1990

Another said: "She's your baby 👶🏼 forget everyone else's opinion. You're a great mum. Xx"

A third added: "Don't worry about the mum police, I have 4 happy, healthy sons and I started weaning all of them just after 3 months, didn't do any of them any harm and they're all healthy boys with good appetites x"

One more person agreed and commented: "The mum police will always be there to tell you when they think you are wrong! All babies are different, you know your baby best, you do what's right for you and Polly. Don't let anyone take the shine off this exciting step 😘"


Amy Childs
Baby Polly is four months old and absolutely adorable (Credit: Instagram / amychilds1990) ©Instagram / amychilds1990

This isn't the first time the reality star has been criticised since becoming a new mum, she recently came under fire for taking a selfie and posting the photo on Instagram while she was feeding Polly.

Have you ever been judged by other mums on social media? Or have you ever voiced your opinion online about what another mum may be doing wrong? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.


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