Bradley Wright claims there’s more to the split with Amy Childs than she’s letting on

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Bradley Wright has spoken out about his split with Amy Childs

It was only recently confirmed that Amy Childs and her boyfriend Bradley Wright had split just weeks after they welcomed baby Polly into the world, and now the dad-of-one has hit back at his ex-girlfriends claims and revealed there's "lots of other stuff involved" in their separation.

Last week it was confirmed that the Essex couple split after a spokesperson for Amy released a statement explaining: "Amy has not thrown Brad out, but they have split up amicably. Brad will of course see Polly whenever he likes and they will remain friends."

Amy Childs Bradley Wright
Amy and Bradley split just weeks after welcoming Polly into the world (Credit: Instagram / missamychilds1990) ©Instagram

The former TOWIE star heartbreakingly admitted she "fell out of love" with the father of her child, she continued: "After Polly arrived he was sleeping in a different room. Towards the end, I became more like a friend and his mum.

"I was doing the bottles, cleaning and doing his dinner. I wish he’d helped me," she told OK! magazine.

But now Bradley has hit back at Amy's claims and explained to OK! mag the reason he didn't help out as much with his daughter. He explained: "If Amy feels like I wasn't helping with Polly it was because I've been very busy with work.

"I'm a tree surgeon and ground worker, so it's dangerous if I'm tired."

Amy Childs Bradley Wright
Bradley has revealed why he hasn't so hands on with his daughter (Credit: Instagram / missamychilds1990) ©Instagram

He went on to say that Amy was "very tired" five days after having little Polly, before adding: "Everything was my fault and I never had a say, so I just kept out of it.

"I wasn't Amy's priority – other people were. There's a lot of other stuff involved in this split…"

When the 27-year-old opened up about splitting with her ex she explained that Bradley didn't get her a birthday present and although things were great between the pair following Polly's birth it didn't last long.

Amy Childs Polly
Since annoucing she split from Bradley she has declared her "unconditional" love for Polly (Credit: Instagram / missamychilds1990) ©Instagram / missamychilds1990

"He was good for five days and I thought, maybe things will be different.

"But then it felt like the novelty had worn off for him. He was coming back from work later. With a new-born, dads get two weeks off but Brad was back to work after five days."

The couple didn't have the easiest relationship; they first got together in 2014 but split after Bradley was caught sending inappropriate messages to another woman, then he was sent to prison for handling stolen goods. The pair reunited last year and shortly announced they were expecting their first child together.

Did you split with your other half shortly after having a baby? How did you cope with it? Do you have any advice for co-parenting? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.


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