Amy Childs DIVIDES the internet after asking parents this simple question about weaning

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Former TOWIE star Amy Childs has kicked started a debate surrounding weaning

Amy Childs only welcomed her gorgeous little girl into the world in April but time has flown by and baby Polly is already four-months-old.

The former TOWIE star recently came under fire for posting this photo while feeding her daughter and now she's divided the internet after she asked her social media followers if they felt nervous when they reached the weaning stage with their children.

Weaning is that stage when parents move their babies from drinking just milk to solid foods. It can be a difficult and tricky time as you're teaching your little one how to eat, chew and swallow food.

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It's definitely worth it as eventually your baby can begin to enjoy lots of different flavours of different foods. Cow and Gate have created four stages to see whether your little one is ready to start weaning and parents may begin the process from any time after four months.

Amy Childs Polly
Amy welcomed baby Polly into the world in April (Credit: Instagram / amychilds1990) ©Instagram / missamychilds1990

Mum-of-one Amy, explained that although her daughter is only four months she's constantly hungry so has decided that now may be the time to start weaning. The yummy mummy posted a photo on Instagram of baby rice and creamed porridge, that are both for the ages four to six months plus, and wrote alongside the picture: "Ok girls so here goes!!!

"Can't believe Polly is now 4 months 😫where does the time go, right so I'm going to put Polly on baby rice, she seems to be getting so hungry.

"I was feeding her every 4 hours and now she is waking up in between wanting more food!"

Amy Childs
Amy asked her Instagram followers about their experience of weaning (Credit: Instagram / amychilds1990) ©Instagram / amychilds1990

She went on to ask other parents if they were nervous when they first started weaning their children from milk to food. She said: "I don't know why but I still think she is so small to be having baby rice but I'm going to give it a try as there now say to put them on rice at 4 months (a lot of new mums told me not to wait until there 6 months) Polly is a very hungry baby 👶🏻, was any other mums nervous weaning??

"I sure am 🙋🏼 will let you know how I get on 🙊"

Amy Childs
Amy revealed on social media she plans on weaning her four-month-old daughter (Credit: Instagram / amychilds1990) ©Instagram / amychilds1990

Hundreds of her followers gave their advice underneath the photo, with many people quick advise the mum against weaning at such an early stage. One of her followers explained: "You can do crazy amount of damage by weaning too early. Do a ton of research before you decide for sure."

Another commented: "Only wean if it has been medically advised."

Someone else wrote: "Honestly it's 6months for a reason!!"

Amy Childs
People were divided on when is best to starting weaning a baby (Credit: Instagram / amychilds1990) ©Instagram / amychilds1990

A fourth person said: "Baby rice has no nutrition? You're just stuffing your baby up. Just give more milk."

One other person fumed: "Are you actually serious?! First of all weaning age is 6 months for a reason!!!! Don't endanger your baby's life! Honestly, it's awful living with the consequences of early weaning! Why the hell would you want that for your child?!"

"Baby rice isn't any good. You are best waiting till Polly is 6 months anyway. If she is hungry just give her more milk," said another.

Amy Childs
The mum-of-one has already bounced back into shape (Credit: Instagram / amychilds1990) ©Instagram / amychilds1990

However lots of other people admitted they felt nervous during the process but still weaned their little ones at an early stage, one person wrote: "Yeah I was so nervous but he didn't take to it well at 4 months so tried again at 6 months x"

Another commented: " I started weaning at 3 months!! Archie wasn't keen on the rice but loved fruit and veg!! Is now 6 months and having 3 meals and loves everything!!"

Amy Childs Bradley Wright
Since welcoming baby Polly into the world, Amy and Bradley have since split (Credit: Instagram / amychilds1990) ©Instagram

A third said: We started giving porridge at 4 months he is a hungry baby and now he sleeps through the night and has 4 feed a day so what u feel is best for Polly you know best xx"

Someone else commented: "I was so nervous but best thing I did for my little Eva! She was the same always hungry and having a lot of milk. This definitely worked and you can get lots of yummy flavours for them. Xx"

A few months after Polly was born, Amy and her partner Bradley Wright split. The reality star claimed their relationship broke down after she "become more like a friend and his mum". However her ex-boyfriend slammed the claims and revealed there was more to their split than Amy let on.

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