Holly Willoughby reveals £14 lipstick she wears on This Morning

£14? Absolute bargain

holly willoughby

by Eden-Olivia Lord |

Holly Willoughby has revealed the £14 lipstick she wears on This Morning and we're honestly shocked.

Although we're not sure if we're more surprised that she revealed the exact product she uses or the fact that it costs £14 - especially considering her This Morning outfits always cost hundreds of pounds.

Anyway, the mum of three revealed this week that she's a fan of Glossier's Vinylic Lip that allows you to create a buildable glossy finish and it only costs £14.

holly willoughby
Holly is wearing Glossier's lipstick ©Instagram / hollywills

This isn't the first time this week Holly has shared her current lippie, earlier on she shared a gorgeous selfie and asked her followers which lipstick she should wear, "Coral or plum? Top or bottom lip? Decisions decisions? #whichlipstick #brainfried #cantmakeanymoredecisions".

Following thousands of replies Holly opted for the plum shade and it's since come to light that she's wearing Lavera's Beautiful Lips Colour Intense and it costs less than £12.

So, just like with Holly's This Morning outfits we've found out exact where and why you should buy the same lipstick she wears...

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Holly Willoughby's This Morning lipsticks

Vinylic Lip
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CREDIT: Glossier

If you're looking for a lippie that applies like a balm then you're going to want this one. It gludes on smoothly, feels comfortable on your lips and adds a little colour.

Lavera Beautiful Lips Colour Intense - Pink Orchid
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CREDIT: Ecco Verde

This soft and creamy lipstick manages to condition and protect your skin. It's also available in 17 different shades meaning you'll be able to find one that'll suit your mood.

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If you know us, you'll know we're pretty much obsessed with Holly Willoughby.

From her top-selling dresses that we're desperate to buy but don't want to go in our overdraft (lol), to the 22 beauty products she swears by it's safe to say she has expensive taste.

But we're set to get a break from Holly and Phillip Schofield as they're off for their annual summer holiday.

The pair are apparently going to be off for two months - they usually are tbh - and will return in September.

Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes will be taking over from Monday to Thursday and the Friday guest hosts are set to be announced soon.

We've previously seen Rochelle and Marvin Humes, Ryan Clark-Neal and Davina McCall step in so hopefully we'll see them again.

And now that lockdown has eased we wonder if we'll get a picture of Holly and Phil wearing matching cute t-shirts abroad again?

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