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When you’re dealing with a mane of curls, grooming is no straightforward process. Just trying to get a brush through knotted tresses can feel like the equivalent of half an hour lifting weights in the gym.

Seriously... Arm. Ache.

So, to make your life easier, you really do need the essential tool kit to champion your curls.

And with more and more of us ditching the straighteners, there’s never been a better time to embrace your curls.*

*Apart from maybe the seventies, we’ll give you that.

1. The Shampoo and Conditioner: OGX Quenching Coconut Curls

coconut shampoo
coconut shampoo ©coconut shampoo

Gorgeous looking curls and a heavenly scent of coconut? Yes please. This hair wash duo infuses moisture into each strand, to keep curls from looking distressed, and the coconut, honey and citrus oil extracts nourishes for a happy, healthy, bouncy head of hair.

£6.99 each, Boots.com.

**2. The Towel: AQUIS Lisse Luxe Hair Towel **

aquis hair towel
aquis hair towel ©aquis

You’ve heard of hair plopping, right? Well in case you didn’t know, there’s a whole technique to drying hair to see results with your ringlets, and sticking locks in your average towel simply won’t do. Instead, invest in an AQUIS towel, as the entire range is made from unique speed-drying fabrics that minimise friction against the hair shaft, meaning less frizz. Try the Lisse Luxe, perfect for helping smooth delicate curls. A real game changer.

£30, www.aquis.com.

3. The Hairbrush: Tangle Angel Xtreme

Just the idea of getting through curls without this warrior brush to hand makes our hair stand on end. Unlike other detangling brushes, the Tangle Angel has a sturdy handle meaning it’s easier to work through matted locks. The entire brush range – created by celebrity hairdresser Richard Ward – is also antibacterial, antistatic and heat resistant. For the most disorderly of manes, go for the Tangle Angle Xtreme. Trust us.

£18.95, tangleangel.com.

4. The Curl Definer: Boucleme Curls Redfined

curl creme
curl creme ©curl creme

As us wavy women know, two minutes TLC with conditioner in the shower is often not enough to keep our hair happy until the next wash. Help it stay hydrated with Boucleme Curl Cream. Kukui oil fights against humidity, and coconut and castor oils replenish moisture and feed nutrients into your hair. Curls are perfectly defined, but free to move with you. Want extra hold? Try the Boucleme Curl Defining Gel with it, too.

£19, www.boucleme.co.uk.

5. The Hairband: Invisibobble

Forget getting your hair caught up in your bog-standard elastics– Invisobbles have officially kick-started the hairband revolution. These nifty phone-wire lookalikes (before we had handsfree and mobiles, remember?) are perfect for tying up thick curly hair, and leave you without hairband headaches when you’re wearing your pony too tight, swollen hands when you’ve got your back-up band on your wrist all day, or kinks when you’ve popped up you’re straightened ‘do. And now they’re available in all sorts of colours, thickness and sizes. Delightful.

£3.75, Boots.com.

**6. The Refresher: KMS California Curl Up Bounce Back Spray **

curly hair
curly hair ©curly hair

Day old hair? You don’t want to be washing your tresses everyday, so bring curls back to life with a boost of KMS California Curl Up Bounce Back Spray. Just spritz into the ends and scrunch, and let extracts of orange and mint help enhance your curls while simultaneously calming the scalp. It’s got added heat protection, too - just in case you fancy giving your hair a helping hand with some tongs.

£13.55, www.feelunique.com.

7. The Weekly Mask: SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie

shea ©shea

Say hello to gloriously shiny and smooth hair. Use this treat instead of your weekly conditioner once a weekly, leaving it on in the bath or shower for 15 minutes. Coconut, silk protein and neem oil infuses into lacklustre hair, helping to restore its soft-to-the-touch appeal. You can also use a drop as a styling cream/leave in conditioner when you fancy, too. And the scent? Glorious.

£12.99, britishcurlies.co.uk.

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