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Sometimes you might fancy switching up your hair look, or like many of us, crave a low-maintenance hairstyle that requires little time dedication. If you have afro hair, you’ll know all too well how much goes into the upkeep of our tresses, from lengthy wash routines to the sea of products we get through to keep our natural hair moisturised and manageable. Protective hairstyles can offer a bit of a break from your daily hair routine - they are versatile, last a long time, and look stunning.

You can choose from so many amazing styles, including box braids, twists, and cornrows, then comes the difficult task of deciding the length and potentially colours you want to go for, and let's face it, with so much inspo on Instagram this might take you a while. The only sacrifice you have to make when having braids is being able to sit in your hairstylist's chair for what feels like forever whilst they transform your hair.

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Braids are not just perfect for cutting downtime spent getting ready in the morning - they are also great if you are prone to using a lot of heat on your hair - something we're all guilty of. Yes, heat damage is not our best friend, but lots of us have exposed our locks to it one too many times. If your trying to steer clear of damage and are instead choosing a healthier route, braids will be perfect for you.

If you're looking to try a protective hairstyle, then take a look at our pick of the best products to help you achieve the braids you want.

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Cantu Refresh Apple Cider Vinegar Dry Co-Wash on white backgroundPhoto: Amazon

Rrp: $38.00

Price: $35.00

Whilst braids are the ultimate low maintenance look - you will still need to cleanse your hair and scalp, particularly to avoid dreaded itching. Part dry shampoo, part conditioner, this product is by one of our faves, Cantu. It contains tea tree oil to soothe your scalp. Plus, it absorbs excess oils and adds shine. This product is an all-rounder.

Avlon KeraCare Foam Wrap-Set Lotion on white backgroundPhoto: Amazon

Rrp: $11.99

Price: $10.00
Alternative retailers
Walmart$14.25View offer
JCPenney$15.95View offer

After all of that time spent waiting for your braids to take form, now comes the task of keeping them nice and neat. This gem will ensure your braids are set in place and flyaways are kept at bay. If thatu2019s not enough, this foam is rich in moisture and conditioning agents to prevent dryness.

African Pride Black Castor Miracle Hair & Scalp Sealing Oil on white backgroundPhoto: Amazon

Rrp: $7.55

Price: $7.17
Alternative retailers
Walmart$8.97View offer

If you feel your scalp is lacking moisture or maybe you're suffering from flaking, which is never ideal with braids, a scalp oil is a must. This sealing oil by African Pride will have you ready to soothe your scalp. It contains black castor oil to promote hair growth, which is always a winner, tea tree oil to condition, and soybean oil to improve moisture.

Cantu Refresh Root Rinse With Apple Cider Vinegar and Tea Tree Oil on white backgroundPhoto: Amazon

If youu2019ve found yourself feeling the urge to scratch your scalp to relieve itching, then this product is for you. We all know how irritating itching can be, particularly if youu2019re trying to maintain your braids and keep them as neat as possible. This apple cider vinegar and tea tree formula will leave you with a refreshed and moisturised scalp.

African Pride Olive Miracle Anti-Breakage Braid Sheen Spray on white backgroundPhoto: Amazon
Price: $9.23

If you're thinking of rocking a protective hairstyle, you need a good braid spray in your life. It will help prevent the things we don't want, including breakage, dryness, and itching. Simply spritz this over your gorgeous tresses and reap the benefits.

Murray's Edgewax Premium Gel on white backgroundPhoto: Amazon
Price: $5.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$7.97View offer

Edge controls are a real lifesaver, and this Murrayu2019s wax is an OG fave. Use it during braiding or when you fancy laying your edges. This gem will leave your hair looking sleek and on point.


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How can I protect my braids at night-time?

Hitting the pillow at night can be a vulnerable time for our braids. Certain fabrics can aggravate our hair leading to flyaways and a not so neat protective hairstyle. The key to protecting our braids at night-time is introducing one of our holy grail products, the satin bonnet. Satin bonnets are perfect for protecting not only braids but natural and straight hairstyles.

The softer material is less harsh on strands and helps to lock in much-needed moisture. Introduce a satin bonnet or go further and consider getting a satin pillowcase for the ultimate protection against frizz.

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