This ‘genius’ £17 Amazon under-seat luggage bag has gone viral on TikTok

No paying for hand luggage on Ryanair? Count us in...

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by Ruby Barry |

The journey of a holiday abroad is a magical thing. First, the packing of luggage (yes, we all pack twenty more knickers than we'll ever need because, what if??) Then the early morning trip to the airport, the anticipation. The plane ride up into the sky, with clouds and slightly terrifying mild turbulence. And then... the best bit. When that warm air hits you as you step out of the plane. The smell of new adventures.

Yes, well that's all fine and dandy- until you remember the worst part of flight travel- the hand luggage fee. Quite why airlines want to drain all of our coins from our pockets, we'll never know. But, what we do know is that juggling bringing the right amount of luggage, in the right bags, whilst trying to avoid extra fees, is a certified nightmare. That's why our eyes lit up when we discovered the Kono Under-Seat Luggage Bag (£17.99).

Described as a specially designed" suitcase "of suitable size measuring 35 x 20 x 20cm"... "the size you can take for free in the cabin when flying with Ryanair. It is also accepted on virtually all major airlines worldwide; Including EasyJet, British Airways, Etihad, Emirates, Delta, Flybe, Lufthansa, Norwegian, Jet2, KLM, Qatar, Wizz Air and Virgin Atlantic to name just a few."

A TikTok went viral this week from @simply.franchesca which introduced the internet to this magical Mary Poppins luggage, AKA a god-send for anyone travelling on a short trip abroad. With 1.6 million views, Franchesca details her discovery of the Kono Cabin Bag, and why she is obsessed.

Score! Franchesca shows in her TikTok how much stuff she could fit in the Kono bag for just one trip, including deep breath "underwear, sarongs, four bikinis, two gym sets, a few day dresses, loungewear, glasses, sandals, hair straightener, cosmetics, beach bag clutch, electricals, and a laptop".

She thought "there's no way I'm getting in with this- it looks so big I'm a hundred per cent going to get charged for this...and oh my god- I got through! I honestly could have put so much more in there as's mental!"

Reviews on Amazon also rave about the Kono bag...

"Bought this for Ryanair's specific (and small) hand luggage specs as an additional bag to go with my cabin case. I am really impressed and pleased with my purchase. I managed to fit all my travel documents, purse, straighteners, liquids bag, makeup bag, kindle, chargers, headphones and two Christmas presents and still had room to spare. Comes in handy for getting through security quickly by putting everything you need to take out of the bag to go through the scanner, in one go. Most important for me was that it sat on my case handle as I constantly struggle with bags slipping and sliding off. Overall, extremely happy. Will be used for plenty more trips to come!"

"As a single lady travelling I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle a big bag and a suitcase so I opted for this. It’s small but holds loads with a pocket for your passport etc. found it really useful. It looks strong as well so I’m hoping for many more holidays with it!"

Where to buy the Amazon 'under the seat luggage bag' that will save you money

We mean, what an excuse to plan a new holiday. We bet you've never planned a holiday because of a luggage purchase but...why not? You only live once.

The Kono bag comes in navy or black, and you can buy it right here. Hurry because they tend to run out of stock pretty quick!

We've also got some more cabin luggage to browse through. Thank goodness for Amazon, imma right?

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