How to tie dye at home: a quick and easy guide

Here's how to put an old t-shirt to good use

Tie Dye at home

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Whether you're bored indoors or want to hop on the latest trend of wearing tie dye outfits - we've found the quickest and easiest way to tie dye yourself.

You may have made tie dye t-shirts when you went to after school art class or you spent the weekend at your nan's but the trend is officially back in.

Apparently while the country is in lockdown, tie dye is the current trend and we're not surprised to be honest. It's bright, colourful gives off spring and summer vibes.

You can of course, buy a tie dye top, jumper or co-ord from the high street or you could save some cash and recycle and reuse your old clothes and make them look brand new again.

So we've put together a five step guide so you can tie dye at home...

1. Prepare the area

Make sure you have an apron, gloves and have covered your work surface to prevent getting dye everywhere.

2. Soak your t-shirt

Whether you are tie dying a t-shirt, hoody or trousers you're going to need to soak the item of clothing in hot water first and then wring it out to get rid of any excess water.

3. Make the patterns in your t-shirt

Now for the fun part - making the patterns in your t-shirt and all you're going to need is elastic bands. Wrap the elastic bands around different areas of your t-shirt.

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4. Dye your t-shirt

Once you've placed all your elastic bands on your t-shirt, it's time to get dying. So pour the fabric dye in a bucket at home along with some water and place your t-shirt in the dye so it can set. It's best to read the instructions of the fabric dye you have because the timing may vary.

5. Dry your t-shirt

After an you've left your t-shirt in the dye for however long the instructions tell you, hang your t-shirt out on your washing line and when it's fully dried you're good to go and can start wearing your t-shirt.

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The best fabric dye to tie dye at home

TBC The Best Crafts 8 Colours Tie Dye Kit1 of 5
CREDIT: Amazon

TBC The Best Crafts 8 Colours Tie Dye Kit

This safe and easy 65-piece set will allow you to create your own tie dye clothes with ease at home. It literally includes everything; from squeeze bottles containing dye and protective gloves to rubber bands and dye packets.

I Love To Create Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit Kaleidoscope2 of 5
CREDIT: Amazon

I Love To Create Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit Kaleidoscope

For less than £40 you can have you own tie dye kit at home. This set includes the dye, gloves and bands.

FabLab Tie Dye Kit3 of 5

FabLab Tie Dye Kit

Okay we know this is for kids but it's a great way for you and your little ones to get creative together. It costs less than £20 as well - absolute bargain.

Essort Fabric Textile Paints Tie Dye Kit4 of 5
CREDIT: Amazon

Essort Fabric Textile Paints Tie Dye Kit

This set has everything you'll need; five easily squeezed bottles for your dye and filling bags to leave your item of clothing in for the dye to set.

Tie Dye Kit With Plain Cushion Cover And Canvas Bag5 of 5
CREDIT: Amazon

Tie Dye Kit With Plain Cushion Cover And Canvas Bag

This set includes a tote bag and a cushion which means you can either decorate them or use them to test out any designs you want to try out.

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