The best Bridgerton-inspired homeware to shop (even if you’re on a budget)

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Dearest readers, this author brings elating news... Bridgerton has returned for season three this week.

Ok... let's not pretend you didn't know that already. Everyone and their mothers were counting down the days until the return of Bridgerton, the Regencycore lovechild of Netflix. Created by Shonda Rhimes (the queen of addictive TV), Bridgerton released its first season in December 2020. Saving us from the boredom of quarantine and isolation, the Regency-era story brought romance, sex and intrigue to our screens. Plus, getting to hear Julie Andrews as Lady Whistledown is always a treat.

But, if you weren't too distracted by the storyline, you'd have noticed the stunning set design on Bridgerton, especially in the various Regency townhouses we visit throughout the show. The internet has become obsessed with Regencycore due to the show; an interior design trend that has influences of the Regency and Georgian era. Think Jane Austen, big white wigs, and corsets galore.

Are you interested in adding some Regencycore influences to your home? Well, esteemed members of the Ton, we've got fun in store for you. Below we have a selection of budget-friendly homeware bits that emulate that classic Bridgerton decor style, categorised into different rooms of a house.

SHOP: The best budget Regencycore homeware items to buy online

Michelangelo’s David Head Male Bust Sculpture
Price: £15 (was £20)

Let's start off with David. No, he's not a bloke from the pub, he's the Renaissance statue made by Michaelangelo in the 16th century. This statue became super popular in the Regency era, as did other Romanesque sculptures.

You'll need some new pillows for your sofa next, and what better than this tapestry-inspired square pillow?

You can't have a Regencycore house without a room divider to brood behind like a Jane Austen character. These room dividers are super affordable and come in cream, dark brown or natural, and with three or six panels.

Not only can you get this Royalcore (which is the gorgeous sister of Regencycore) pillow as a, well, pillow, but also as a poster, notebook, and tons of other products.

Want to feel fancy AF? Get this globe, and make sure to have a Scotch in hand as you browse the countries.

Not only do these elevate any room they're placed in, but they also keep your candles dust-free. Win-win.

Everyone deserves a chandelier in their house, and it doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. For only £40, you get this incredible number from Dunelm, which will make you feel regal as heck.

A handwoven throw is a must. Of course, ladies back in the day may have stitched a blanket themselves, but who has got time for that these days? There are six lovely colours available, and it's machine washable - score.

Romanticise any room with this gorgeous glass candlestick from Liberty, for only £15.

Ok... this one is stupid. But so stupid, that it's brilliant. The description of this item speaks for itself: quote "Hold Simon in your hand and soon you'll be licking cake batter off his gazebo." Wowee. This wooden spoon is food-safe thanks to the image being engraved.

If you want your house to have total Bridgerton vibes, you should defo deck your walls with some classy Regency-era art. For example, this beautiful painting features a Ginger Jar, a popular piece of china in the Georgian/Regency time period.

Have a go at felting, which is embroidery with felt instead of thread, to make this adorable scene of two otters swimming together. The kit includes step-by-step colour instructions, felting wool, felting needles, felt fabric, a bamboo embroidery hoop, and a foam pad to work on.

Celebrate the wicked Lady Whistledown with this banner from Etsy.

Dunelm Mandalay White Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set
Price: £32 - 52

There's nothing better than upgrading to a new duvet cover. You feel like a totally new person. Want to feel new, and regal? Go for this Mandalay white duvet set from Dunelm, which is budget-friendly whilst being hella luxurious.

Adulting means buying a ton of decorative pillows that you chuck off the bed into the corner of the room before you go to sleep. This floral pattern totally gives us Bridgerton vibes, including the bumblebees.

Dunelm Darnley Coral Pencil Pleat Curtains
Price: £20 - 60

These Darnley Pleated Curtains are certified stunning and come in various sizes.

Simple and classic, an ivory table lamp can be a small swap to easily bring Regencycore into your space.

French Connection Neptune Chenille Rug
Price: £154 (was £220)

Invest in this French Connection Neptune Chenille Rug and you'll be set for years to come especially when it's on sale.

David is back again, this time in candle form. Place this in your bathroom, or any other room in your house for that matter, and enjoy the fresh scent of Bois.

A toilet is much like your own personal throne, so glam up your toilet space with this brass toilet roll holder.

Old-fashioned bird cages are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, and you can place anything in them - tealights, candles, plants, you name it.

How to nail regency style interior design...

Interior design experts reveal Regency-inspired decor tips

Ever since Bridgerton launched in 2020, Regency-style interiors have come back in a big way. With 105.7M views on TikTok, Regencycore draws inspiration from the Regency era of early 19th century England, which was characterised by elegant and refined styles.

In light of Bridgerton season three, new research by Plank Hardware has revealed that searches for ‘regency interior design’ and ‘regency style interior design’ surged by 5000% in the past 30 days in the UK.

Tom Revill, creative director of Plank Hardware explains, “Regencycore is about creating a space that exudes opulence, with luxurious fabrics, ornate furnishing and eye-catching details. To achieve this look in your home, you can start with a neutral base and add pops of colour with pastel shades and jewel tones. Incorporate patterns like stripes, florals and damask in your soft furnishings and invest in statement pieces like an ornate mirror or chandelier to add a touch of Regency elegance.

“For an authentic Regency look, small but mighty details can make a big difference. For doors, consider using brass or polished nickel door knobs with intricate designs or crystal accents. Drawer pulls can add a touch of elegance to your furniture pieces, and brass pulls can give your furniture a regal touch. Tassels, fringes and trimmings were also extremely popular during the Regency era and can be added to your curtains, cushions and lampshades for an authentic touch.

“Infuse your space with whimsical elements reminiscent of the Bridgerton series, such as ornate birdcages, vintage tea sets, and botanical prints. These charming accents add personality and intrigue to your Regency-inspired decor.

“Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen a huge rise in popularity for vintage furniture and secondhand homeware. You can mix old and new pieces for a unique and eclectic look that celebrates the timeless beauty of the Regency era. Etsy, Vinted, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree or a local charity shop, are great places to start searching for pre-loved furniture, which can be upcycled to achieve a look reminiscent of Regencycore.”

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