The best family board games to play on Christmas Day 2021

Some of them are already selling out 📣

the best christmas board games

by Lucy Smith |

Christmas is coming around quick, and if you don't want to be caught out on the 25th with that same 1970s edition of Trivial Pursuit (that no one but grandad can answer the questions to), then you'd better get browsing for the next best thing.

Board game shopping can be overwhelming, what with new editions coming out each year, and, of course, the old classics to contend with. But there are some real gems on the market, you just have to be patient enough to find them.


You could let the Closer shopping team do all the hard work for you (because we're just that great) and rifle through the thousands of results on Google to find the absolute best offerings in 2020.

From games for Disney fanatics, to Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit (yep, that's right), to good old Scrabble, we've pulled together 2021's top games for your best family game night yet. There's games for little kids, alcohol games for adults and some that are just great for the whole family, including your now 1970s-Trivial-Pursuit-deprived grandad. Oh, and some card games, too, just to mix it up a bit.

So, get browsing, get shopping, and make it quick, because some of these are selling out at the rate of knots. Enjoy, and don't fall out over the Monopoly board for the fifth year in a row.

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The very best board games to play at Christmastime

Scrabble Original Board Game
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CREDIT: Amazon

An old classic that you can't go wrong with, really. Compete with your family to score the highest words as the choice of letters starts to narrow down. You'll need your brain about you for this one, so hold off on the Christmas tipples.

Asmodee Dobble 360, Mixed Colour
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CREDIT: Amazon

Not technically a board game, but still a great pick. If you loved the original, you'll love this even more. Everyone still has their own card BUT, the card you're comparing to is on a rotating plinth in the middle - see how easy it is to find a matching image when your target is on the move...

Jumanji Board Game
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CREDIT: Amazon

Movie magic is made real with this Jumanji board game (90s and 80s kids everywhere are screaming). Race against your family to reach the centre of the board before the deadly Doomsday grid fills up. If it does, everyone loses. Dun, dun, dunnn.

Friends: The One with the Apartment Bet Game
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CREDIT: Smyths

Technically, the episode is called The one with the embryos, but we won't get picky. This is the game for friends fans - haven't you always wanted to play Ross' lightning round? Plus, it's a steal at less than a tenner.

Monopoly Disney Villains Board Game
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CREDIT: Smyths

Disney fanatics can rejoice at this Monopoly Disney villains edition. Playing as characters including Scar and Cruella DeVil, you'll make your way around a board of terrible fiends, hiring as many villains as you can in an attempt to charge your competitors more and more money until you have the Monopoly. Go on.

Taskmaster Board Game
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CREDIT: Prezzybox

It's the TV show the went wild over lockdown and now it's in board game form to bring some Taskmaster fun right into the heart of your home this Christmas. Take turns as the taskmaster and compete as you perform a series of absurd tasks. It'll have you in fits of laughter in no time.

The Best of Christmas Logo Game
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CREDIT: The Works

A great offering from the company that brought you The Logo Game, but with a vertical board... Answer Christmas-themed questions as you work your way up to the top of the Christmas tree. The first player to put the star on the tree wins.

Drumond Park LOGO Board Game - Second Edition
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Aaand the original Logo game, verson 2.0, because everybody's just about exhausted all the questions from the first one. There's 396 all new question cards to keep you up to speed, but you'll have to rack your brain for some of them, so perhaps lay off the mulled wine if you're hoping to win this one.

Fiesta Crafts Discover The World Map Game
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CREDIT: Amazon

A great options for younger families, this offering from Fiesta Crafts is suitable for everyone from kids (three plus) to adults. It'll take you on a journey around the world as you race to reach all your destinations, and you'll all learn some fun facts as you play. Did you know Denmark have special elevated roads for bikes?

Drumond Park Articulate Christmas
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CREDIT: Amazon

It's an old classic with a new festive twist. Articulate Christmas will have you barrelling through as many Christmas-y words as you can, describing them to your teammates, in 30-seconds. But, in this new edition, you'll have to complete a festive jigsaw puzzle to win the game. Christmas-tastic.

Drumond Park Articulate-The Fast Talking Description Board Game
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CREDIT: Amazon

You've seen the Christmas edition, but if you don't have the original - what are you doing? It's the game of quick-fire descriptions, and it's good fun for the whole family. From warthogs to a Scrabble board, how quick can you explain the words on your card without actually saying them? It's harder than it looks.

Winning Moves Harry Potter Ultimate Trivial Pursuit
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CREDIT: Amazon

Harry Potter fans unite, because the moment you've been waiting for has finally arrived. Regular Trivial Pursuit can move over with this new Harry Potter edition in town, so crack out your quidditch and spell knowledge, and separate the boys from the, err, wizards. We know which we'd rather be...

Card Against Humanity - Family Edition
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CREDIT: Prezzybox

It's the game you love to play with your friends PG-fied so you can finally play it with gran, grandad and the kids. You'll be laughing just as much, though, trust us.

Spin Master Games Hedbanz Picture Guessing Game for Kids and Families
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CREDIT: Amazon

Another great shout for families with kids. Little ones as young as eight can join in on the 'who am I' fun, as you all guess what object or animal you are. Plus, this can even be played at the dinner table over Christmas dinner.

Trapped Escape Room Games Bank Job
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CREDIT: Amazon

A twist on the old Christmas-Day-board-game classic - why not turn your living room into an escape room this Christmas? Everyone can play, kids, teens, adults, just crack the clues and open the safe, easy...or is it?


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