The best Christmas presents for all the TV soap fans out there

It's time to treat yourself this festive season.

best christmas gifts for soap fans

by Eden-Olivia Lord |

Despite this year being another bizarre one, we cannot wait until Christmas.

Cosy nights in, Christmas lights, everyone is in a good mood and of course, it's the best time of the year for any soap fans because it's the time where EastEnders, Emmerdale, Coronation Street, and Hollyoaks are the most explosive.

TV around Christmas time is literally the best but we've found some things that'll make this festive season even better - EastEnders, Emmerdale, Coronation Street, and Hollyoaks Christmas presents and gifts.


It's time to treat yourself, your family or friends this year with some presents they'll LOVE whether it's an Emmerdale bus tour, a Coronation Street blanket, a Hollyoaks phone case, or EastEnders Monopoly - we've got you covered.

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Christmas presents for soap fans

Monopoly Eastenders Board Game
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CREDIT: Amazon

You can't go wrong with a game of Monopoly (we'll you very much can but whatever) which is why this EastEnders themed game board is perfect for Christmas.

Happiness is Wine in my Glass and Corrie on the TV Framed Vintage Picture
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Never a truer word spoken. Perfect for that someone who loves a bit of R&R that obviously has to include Corrie.

Emmerdale Classic Locations Bus Tour for Two
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CREDIT: Virgin Experience Days

What better way to treat an Emmerdale fan than with a bus tour? Treat yourselves to a day out looking around West Yorkshire where the show was filmed between 1970 to 2005 and relive some of the most iconic moments from the Dales.

Coronation Street - Corrie Throw Blanket
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CREDIT: RedBubble

Keep warm this winter with this Coronation Street-themed blanket. Whether you keep it on your sofa, at the bottom of your bed or even in your car - it's definitely going to become handy.

Sorry Can't I Have to Watch Hollyoaks Travel Mug
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CREDIT: RedBubble

"Sorry can't I have to watch Hollyoaks" - who can relate? There's nothing more annoying that when you have plans but you just want to be at home watching TV. So now you can make a statement to your friends, family and colleagues with this travel mug.

The Emmerdale Girls
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Want a bit of drama and romance? Well you can get that with this book. It explores the lives of Emmerdale's much-loved families during World War II including the Sugdens and the Dingles. The Emmerdale Girls are attempting to navigate their lives, loves and dreams.

The McQueens - Hollyoaks iPhone Case & Cover
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CREDIT: RedBubble

A subtle way to show the world that you're a Hollyoaks fan is with this McQueens phone case. It's covered in every member of the McQueen family from Myra to Prince.

Sanfran Clothing Pat Butcher Jumper
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CREDIT: Amazon

There's nothing quite like a comfy jumper but a Pat Butcher one? We need it ASAP.

Roy's Rolls Cafe Tote Bag
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CREDIT: RedBubble

We love that this one is a little more subtle, and only real Corrie fans will know it's from the fictional cobbled streets.

Ian Beale - 2022 Wall Calendar
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Getting a calendar for Christmas is a classic present to be honest but why not make your own or someone else's day with this Ian Beale-themed one? It's full of classic Ian moments throughout the years. There's also a Phil Mitchell 2022 calendar too.

Coronation Street - Logo Glass
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CREDIT: Zazzle

Whether you're planning on having a boozy Christmas or you want to be tee total this festive season, there's no reason you can drink out of this pint glass that's Corrie inspired. You can even pretend you're having a pint down at The Rovers.

The Woolpack At Emmerdale Throw Pillow
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CREDIT: RedBubble

Know someone who never misses an episode of Emmerdale? Well you can make their Christmas with this Woolpack pillow.

The Ultimate EastEnders Codeword Collection
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CREDIT: Amazon

This puzzle book will definitely keep your loved ones entertained. It's a great way to test their knowledge on EastEnders - can they name the Beale family? Do they know which residents have been to prison? You'll be able to find out with this book.

Coronation Street - Best of 1960 - 1969
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CREDIT: Amazon

Fancy having a look back at the first time years of Corrie? Well with this DVD you can. This disc contains 80 landmark moments from the first ten years of the show back in the '60s.

Kirsty Leigh Porter Spiral Notebook
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CREDIT: RedBubble

This is such a handy Christmas present for anyone but especially Hollyoaks fans. You can keep your loved ones organised with this notebook that has a picture of Leela Lomax on the front - obsessed.

All I Care About is Hollyoaks Lightweight Sweatshirt
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CREDIT: RedBubble

"All I care about is Hollyoaks" - we can definitely relate to that which is why this jumper is going in our basket - we're going to treat ourselves this Christmas.

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Hollyoaks spoilers: everyone leaving, arriving and returning to the village this year

The soaps schedule for Christmas 2021

With drama destined to hit the streets of each and every soap over Christmas, get your Christmas schedule planned so you can watch your favourite with Quality Streets (and tissues) at the ready.

Coronation Street - ITV

Christmas Eve – 8:30pm (hour-long special)

Christmas Day – 8pm (hour-long special)

Boxing Day – 7:30pm

Eastenders - BBC One

Christmas Eve – 8pm

Christmas Day – 9:35pm (45-minute special)

Boxing Day – 10pm

Emmerdale - ITV

Christmas Eve – 7pm (hour-long special)

Christmas Day – 7pm (hour-long special)

Boxing Day – 7pm

Hollyoaks - Channel 4

Hollyoaks doesn't have any special episodes over Christmas, but you can catch their Christmas episodes at 6.30pm on December 22 and 23.

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