This Amazon £8 gel pillow is the answer to sleeping in a heatwave

Our prayers have been answered 🙏

amazon gel cooling pad

by Louella Berryman |
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In classic British fashion, pretty much all we've done for the past week is talk about the weather.

It's BLOODY HOT and we'll say so, thank you very much.

One of the worst parts of a heatwave is trying to sleep at night. You can have all the fans blasting during the day, but if you can't stand the noise at night or you just don't have one, it can be a challenge trying to get a good night's kip.

Thankfully Amazon may well have the answer.

Amazon customers have been raving about the site's gel pillows, hailing them the only reason why they've been able to sleep this summer.

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They measure 30X40cm and so they're absolutely perfect for slipping under your pillow for a cool night's sleep.

For maximum coolness, reviews say you can stick them in the freezer before using. Sounds like BLISS.

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Other ways to keep cool at night during a heatwave

Once you've got your hot water bottle hack sorted, you're probably going to need some backup. There are lots of things you can do before you go to bed and even during the night, so here are some of Closer's top tips for getting a good night's kip during a summer heatwave.

Take a cool shower or bath before bed

Keep hydrated during the day with plenty of water

Invest in a good fan or air conditioning system

Keep some cool face mist or flannels nearby for your wrists and face

Sleep under a cotton sheet

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