Mrs Hinch swears by this easy £4 hack for cleaning makeup brushes

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We don't mind organising our kitchen cupboards, shopping for cleaning essentials and using The Pink Stuffto transform EVERYTHING.

In fact, reader, we love it.

One job we get no enjoyment out of, however, is cleaning our make-up brushes.

When we finally get round to the task at hand, it ends up taking ages and we end up spending a lot of time waiting for our brushes to dry.

However cleaning influencer and all-round tip giver Mrs Hinch has shared a solution on her Instagram stories and it is gold.

In fact, you may already have it in your kitchen cupboards.

Enter the Scrub Daddy, a clever sponge which will remove all the product, grime and oil from your brushes.

Mrs Hinch
©Mrs Hinch

Mrs Hinch shared the tip on her Instagram Stories, advising her followers to use shampoo to clean their brushes.

"Put shampoo direct onto your Scrub Daddy and away you go!" She explained.

If there's anyone who knows how to clean products efficiently and effectively, it's Mrs Hinch.

So, what are you waiting for, grab the Scrub Daddy from Amazon or from underneath your kitchen sink and transform those brushes.

We bet it's been a while, hasn't it?

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Mrs Hinch's Scrub Daddy sponge

The Original Scrub Daddy1 of 1

The Original Scrub Daddy

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The clever woman behind the Mrs Hinch Home Instagram account is Sophie Hinchcliffe, a hairdresser from Essex.

She lives with her husband Jamie, her baby son Ronnie and Cocker Spaniel Henry.

Her Instagram account has amassed a massive 3.2 million followers, which is full of cleaning inspiration, plus rare appearances from her and her family.

Since the birth of son Ronnie, Sophie's become pals with Stacey Solomon and its true #friendshipgoals.

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