The £13 anti-chafing cream Malin Andersson swears by

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There's very few reality stars that are completely open and honest which is why we love Malin Andersson.

On Instagram she's shared unretouched lingerie photos, she's opened up about leaving an abusive relationship and even told her followers the £2 hair mask she uses to combat psoriasis.

And now the Love Island star has revealed the £13 anti-chafing cream she swears by and we reckon it's going to be the next product you'll be obsessed with.

The reality star shared a photo of herself actually__ using the product and wrote, "Surviving the summer with this bad boy @ivyverdure took this anti chafing stick to Turkey & MY THIGHS ARE THANKING ME NOW! 🤣🤣".

The iRELIEF by iVYVERDURE anti-chafing stick is a 100% vegan and promises to prevent chafing, saddle sores, rashes, blisters, dry and cracking skin.

Lots of her followers were quick to comment with one person writing, "Thank you for promoting this!! I have tried everything that I can find in shops, beauty stores and pharmacies and find none work for me, so I'm now going to give this one a go!! X".

Someone else commented, "Who knew this was a thing?! This could be my prayers answered! Add to basket.... 🤪".

Another said, "Love this stuff! Also great for breaking in new trainers and when wearing the kilt 🙈😂"

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Late last year Malin was praised on social media after she shared an inspirational weight gain message on Instagram.

"Ok so ya’ll probably feeling a bit crap now Christmas is over. You’re thinking why did I eat so much? You’re gonna get hit by TONS of diet ads, shakes, teas, diet plans, adverts on tv, all over social media. It’s gonna make you feel SO guilty. Your IBS might be worse, skin might have broken out, clothes don’t fit as well?

"Please DO NOT WORRY. In my pic you can see the marks of my jeans being too tight, you can also see a few extra rolls I’ve gained over the week - but does that define MY WORTH?‼️ No it does not‼️ For I know that when I’m home, I’ll be eating mindfully, fuelling my body with goodness, NOT starving myself in a bid to be skinny," she wrote on the 'gram.

She went on to encourage her followers to be "unapologetically you for you are on this planet to shine, not be what society tells you to be."

Preach, tbh.

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