Love Island’s Samantha Kenny swears by this £4.50 hair product to combat humidity

The villa can't be without this affordable buy


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If there is something we love at Closer HQ (aside from Joey Essex and Bridgerton-style dresses), it's a brilliant beauty recommendation. Especially when the product in question is 1) affordable 2) celebrity-endorsed and 3) stops our hair from having a 'Monica Geller from Friends humid moment'.

Luckily, eagle-eyed Love Island viewers spotted Samantha Kenny, a make-up artist from Liverpool, using a very iconic hair product whilst getting ready for the villa's evening antics.

The 27-year-old was caught on camera spritzing her hair with the Got2Be Hairspray to keep her perfectly curled tresses in place.

We'd spot that iconic yellow bottle a mile off and it's not the first time Islanders have relied on the frizz controller for a good hair day.

Love Island season 10's Catherine Agbaje exclusively revealed to Closer Online that the entire villa (boys included) used the affordable hairspray to protect their hair from the balmy Mallorca temperatures.

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Turns out all the Love Island contestants are loving the Got2b glued hairspray and it's all down to the humidity in the villa. It's only a fiver, so why not add it to your basket during your next Amazon shop?

The OG bombshell revealed, "[My favourite product] would have to say the Got2Be spray, it was like our lives," she joked.

love island catherine whitney ella jess
catherine, whitney, ella and jess together in the villa ©ITV

"The humidity was so high in the night, you'd walk out and you'd literally be breathing in water because of how humid it was.

"So all the girls - it wasn't just me, Whitney and Ella - would use it because it's the strongest hair spray."

She then added, "The boys would use it as well, we'd be like 'Where's the hairspray?' and they had it so we'd request two more and they'd go missing."

We will absolutely be buying the Got2Be spray for our next holiday or heatwave in the UK - whichever comes first.

Catherine also revealed her favourite skincare product from the villa and it turns out that it's one of our best make-up removers too.

"I'd have to say the Bioderma Micellar Water. That was good because we had to wear make-up every single night.

"I learnt a little trick as well, when you blow into a make-up pad the micellar water foams," she explained.

love island jess catherine whitney

Well, well, well.

You learn something new every day, ey?

Catherine then added, "Boots had a lot of goodies. We had so much skincare and so much make-up.

"Oh my God the make-up was heaven. We could literally request anything and we got it brought up within a couple of days."


We just might have to apply to Love Island 2024 at this rate...

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