Beauty must-haves to get your skin glowing for Pride

Lottie London has gone viral for its Stamp Liner FYI... 👀

Pride Glow - Skin Proud and Lottie London Products

by Piper Huxley |

Whether you’d made a New Year’s resolution back in January to up your skincare game, or if you’re feeling a bit worse-for-wear after the craziness of the year we're having, then you’ve come to the right place. We've popped together a little guide to getting skin glowing for Pride - packed with Pride collections.

If you’re fairly new to the skincare game, you’re probably always hearing different things from different people about what our skin needs, and what it ought to get rid of.

It can get pretty confusing, right?

We’ve done some research and made a list of some essential products from Skin Proud, which promise to keep your skin glowing. Not only that, but we’ve also included some fab, cruelty-free make-up from Lottie London to make sure you’re using the best cosmetics, which are free from any nasties that’ll clog up your pores.

Lottie London has teamed up with Kaleidoscope Trust for the second year in a row and 10 per cent of their profits will be going towards this charity. Skin Proud is bringing you something special this June - and we are obsessed.

Let’s get into the groove.

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proud to be - lottie palette

proud to be - lottie palette

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Proud To Be is your go-to for colourful rainbow-inspired looks with trendy aluminous yellow and bright green as well as blendable blue and gold shimmers - this is the ultimate palette to get ready for Pride month with.

proud to be - pink supreme face gems

proud to be - pink supreme face gems

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Lottie London’s face gems are perfect to enhance any festival look showcasing you are the life and soul of the party! Iced Out is a shimmering iridescent silver gem crown design with diamond and jewel cutouts, to be placed above the brows with under-eye additions. They're made for long-wear, so don't worry.

proud to be - iced out face gems

proud to be - iced out face gems

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Lottie London’s face gems are perfect to enhance any festival look showcasing you are the life and soul of the party! Iced Out is a shimmering iridescent silver gem crown design with diamond and jewel cutouts, to be placed above the brows with under-eye additions. They're so easy to wear.

proud to be - lilac heart stamp liner

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OK - so we're obsessed with this gorge stamp liner. This lilac stamp liner features a classic felt pen on one end and a stamp on the other. Just in time for Pride: it gives you exactly what you need to get inspired, unlock your own creativity and create endless eye make-up looks.

proud to be - blue peace stamp liner

proud to be - blue peace stamp liner

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If purple isn't your vibe, why not try this blue stamp liner? Complete with a peace sign stamp. Everyone will be complimenting you at your Pride celebrations.

Skin proud has dropped their latest collaboration with Bee Illustrates and the LGBT Foundation. They have an ASOS exclusive PRIDE Campaign. Introducing: the Pride Edit. Skin Proud will be supporting the LGBTQIA+ community by donating 20% of all sales to the LGBT Foundation. Isn't that fab?

Save 40% on Skin Proud products with this cool bundle, consisting of Skin Proud best sellers. This includes: the Velvet Cloud Cleanser, Fruit Smoothie Exfoliator and Clear Off Microfibre Pads, plus a limited-edition bandana designed by prominent LGBTQ+ artist, Bee Illustrates.

We love this addition to Skin Proud's collection. Isn't that bandana gorge?

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Wash your face with this foaming cleanser – it's fabulous. With a whipped mousse texture, this product is designed to soften your skin. It also doubles as a make-up remover. Give your skin some airtime with this cleanser but remember to rinse with warm water afterwards.

Review: "My skin loved it, could see the improvement straight away as it's so gentle and lightweight foam (sic), but cleanses so well. Easy to use a pump system. Love the scent of it as well, so delicate."

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Toner, typically, calms your skin down after a wash whilst restoring nutrients. Skin Proud's tonic targets dull, dry skin. It's suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin. This gorge paraben-free exfoliating tonic helps to gently unclog pores and aims to reduce uneven skin tone. Formulated with B3, lactic, glycolic and salicylic acid, this green apple tonic is a winner.

Review: "I've been using this for six months or so and it has completely changed my skin for the better. Hardly been any spots for months now and pores look much clearer and refined. Gentle enough to use every day on slightly sensitive skin too."

Another top pick from Skin Proud is the jelly moisturiser. With its lightweight sorbet-jelly texture, this moisturiser is a key player in your skincare routine. What gives this product its gorgeous scent - the Japanese rose water which keeps your skin oil-free, hydrated and glowing.

Review: "So light and airy on my skin, no sticky feeling, feels like mousse-y cream and disappears on your skin. 100% recommend for those with sensitive skin."

Related: Skin Proud's Clay Mask Stick is also a best seller.

Though exfoliators are often seen as optional, you won't want to miss out on Skin Proud's Fruit Smoothie Enzyme Exfoliator, designed to remove dead skin cells whilst keeping the skin hydrated. This, like most enzyme exfoliators, should only really be used one or two times a week. This product is irresistible because of its fruity scent (lemons, grapefruits and blueberries, to be specific.)

Review: "My skin feels lovely, smooth and soft and less oily. It's brilliant at clearing blackheads and whiteheads, too. I highly recommend this product to anyone!"

A serum can be great to address specific problems that you can have with your skin. For instance, its main focus is to eliminate redness. This Smooth Talk product from Skin Proud not only smells great with its distinctive pineapple extract but leaves your skin feeling nourished, glowing and free from stress. Paraben-free, this serum will leave your skin feeling hydrated all day.

Review: "It's helped my face with dryness and blemishes! I've been using this twice a day for a week and seen amazing results from it!"

Want to slot serum into your PM routine instead? Check out Skin Proud's Overnight Retinol Serum.

Skin Proud champions ‘embracing the skin that you are in’ and innovates this ideal with products that cover every single skin type. Nobody is left out. Not even on Pride.

They expertly blend science-led ingredients with natural extracts to treat your skin with the love it deserves. Check out their full range on ASOS, which is eligible for next day delivery.

After you’ve primed your skin beautifully, it’s time for some make-up that won’t clog up your pores or disrupt your perfect skincare routine.

Lottie London products are affordable AF and are always cruelty-free and vegan. It’s always important to use make-up that is good for your skin.

What’s not to love?

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Coconut Illuminating Primer

Lottie London Coconut Illuminating Primer

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Lottie London

This definitely should be the first step in your routine. Wear this sweet-smelling primer under your foundation to prolong its wear. With its luminous finish and lightweight texture, we're thoroughly enjoying products from Lottie London.

Liquid concealer is great for the occasions you want light coverage over a large area of your face. Itu2019s wise to invest in two shades of concealer: one should be similar to your skin tone for blemishes and pimples, and the other should be lighter and used for highlighting certain parts of your face. This great concealer is enriched in vitamin E and has a long-lasting formula.

Review: "I'm a makeup artist and I've tried every concealer going. This is super full coverage but lightweight and not dry - also works as one of the best eyeshadow primers."

If not, why not look at Lottie's concealer brush? Brushes are essential for a perfect application.

With Lottie London's bronzer and tapered brush, you'll be the highlight of 2022. Get that glow, girl. Infused with coconut and bamboo extract, this product is designed to give a warm, sun-kissed glow. Its formula is long-lasting and its pigmented finish is sure to wow at your Pride get-together.

Why not try: Lottie London Body Glow Highlighter, which comes in a Bronze or Champagne variation.

Apply it with Lottie's 100% Vegan Face & Body Brush.

Meet Lottie's fab blushes, which come in four shades: Exposed, Serene, Haze, Red Hot.

Let's apply some colour with these beaut blushes, with guaranteed long-lasting colour.

This highlighter palette was made for a party - as it has all the iridescence of a Pride Parade packed into three neat shades: Frosted, Golden and Ice. Each gleaming shade adds a pop of shimmer to your cheek. Get ready to glow with your new skin, and shine with your new highlighter.

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Check out this stunning eyeshadow palette from Lottie London. With nine shades, this is a bargain. All of the tones are warm with a variety of shimmer and matte finishes. The textures are lush – so smooth and the pigment is to die for. They blend so well and they're so perfect for a party.

Review: "I literally did one of the best eyeshadow looks that I have ever done with this Lottie London palette. The pigment is fabulous, and the shimmer shadows are so smooth.

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The vegan sellout product has gone TikTok viral with over 8.6 million views - with content creators putting it to the test showing the easy stamp, slide and swipe technique! We're loving all the lewks. Make your eyeliner game strong for 2022 with this easy-to-use stamp liner.

This stamp liner is a life-saver if you're new to winged eyeliner, or if you're always in a rush. Just apply the winged stamp onto the outer part of your crease and use the adjacent pen to fill in the blanks. Winged eyeliner will make your new look feel complete. Honestly, winged eyeliner has never been easier.

Love Euphoria? The Lottie London Stamp Liner: Wing Edition is the perfect tool to rock a gen-z inspired Euphoria look.

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This slick lip oil from Lottie London is a standout. The product is so glossy, so you're guaranteed more glow. The formula is infused with almond oil for hydration and is not sticky at all.

Available in four colours: Peachy Cheeks, Strawberry Dreams, Vanilla Whip and Extra Cherries.

This gloss is a standout because of its amazing taste - you'll defo be ready for your New Year's kiss.

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If you want to keep your make-up to keep throughout the day, or through a boozy party, then Lottie London has got you covered with this gorge setting spray. This spray leaves your skin with a dewy finish. Also, it contains some fancy micro-pearls for that subtle gleam, as well as aloe vera extract to keep your skin hydrated. Simply, spritz, set and go.

Want to see more? Shop the entire Lottie London range on their website.

Why is skin care important?

Well, in case you were curious, good skincare helps your skin stay in good condition, whilst preventing acne, treating wrinkles, and generally helping your skin look its best.

And who doesn’t want that?

If you want to give your self-confidence a boost and ensure your skin stays youthful, a quality skincare routine may be the answer for you.

Your skin is a whole organ, you need to take care of it.

It's so hard to believe that these gorgeous (and cruelty-free) products aren't expensive. It's great that Lottie London and Skin Proud keep their prices low, but their quality high.

These products will guarantee you a glow for 2022 without breaking the bank.

Just so you know, whilst we may receive a commission or other compensation from the links on this website, we never allow this to influence product selections - read why you should trust us