The best products for spot-prone skin

From cleansers to jade rollers, here's what your stressed-out skin is craving.

Best products for spot prone skin

by Lily Anderson |

Tired of cancelling plans and spending time avoiding the mirror because you've had a bad breakout? Tried every primer and foundation on the market? If you want to stand up to your spots once and for all, then we’ve pulled together a list of our favourite products for spot-prone skin.

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Yes, having bad skin can be totally soul-destroying. Especially, if you suffer from bouts of blemishes or full-on acne. But, this shouldn't affect your confidence - EVER. We're all about loving the skin you're in, but if it's painful, irritating or makes you feel rubbish, you might want a quick fix to reduce the redness or size, or a plan to even out your skin tone.

Luckily, there are now products on the market that can make bad skin days a thing of the past.

Your skincare routine is about to get a lot more interesting...

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Has your skin got worse since the COVID-19 pandemic? You may be surprised to hear that 'maskne' is actually a thing. Luckily though, just making a few changes can make all the difference.

Dr Rasha Rakhshani, who has trained in dermatology and now specialises in aesthetic/cosmetic medicine, told us, "The main thing is to make sure you are using the correct cleansers, and some with salicylic acid, too."

Dr Rasha recommends salicylic acid as well as AHAs (alpha-hydroxy acids), such as glycolic acid, to combat maskne. Both of these act as exfoliants to remove dead skin cells, or in the case of us mask wearers, to remove the gunk that's accumulated under our masks.

"It would be best to use a chemical peel once a week, as well," added Dr Rasha, "to dry up any spots."

Dr Rasha also stressed the "all importance" of keeping skin hydrated and explained how hydrated skin "prevents friction" between our face and our masks.

So, moisturise up, eye-cream up and get some hyaluronic acid in there, too, to help your skin glow.

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