Frankie Bridge shares GENIUS fake tanning hack and we are copying immediately

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Frankie Bridge tanning hack

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There is nothing like a bit of fake tan to cheer us all up.

Sure it's just bronzy liquid we slather all over our body to pretend we've just landed from Marbella (ugh, the dream) but it's more than that.

Fake tan is a way of life.

However, despite a spritz of fake tan taking us from a 6/10 to a full thwack TEN, we have never mastered the art of fake tanning our back.

We either have to ask our partner for help or resort to reaching ourselves, which leaves 'questionable' results.

However, singer-turned-author Franke Bridge has the answer as she shared her BRILLIANT fake tanning hack.

The mum-of-two posted a picture of her tanning mitt which she'd tied to the end of an exfoliating brush with an elastic hairband.

She aptly captioned the snap, 'When you've got to tan your back yourself.'

Frankie Bridge Instagram
©Frankie Bridge Instagram

Affordable and easy to make?

We are copying this, ASAP.

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How to create your own back fake tanner...

back scrubber1 of 4

A back scrubber

Find a tanning mitt2 of 4
CREDIT: Amazon

A tanning mitt

A hairband3 of 4

A hairband

Fake tan4 of 4
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Other fake tan tips to know:

Make sure your fake tan is in date: old tanners can go GREEN, which is not a good look.

Exfoliate the day before: this helps avoid any unsightly patches.

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