Dani Dyer reveals must-have skincare hack and it’s just £7

Our minds are blown 🤯

Danny Dyer Face Halo

by Lucy Smith |

She was crowned the winner of Love Island 2018, she launched one of our all-time fave In The Style collabs and now, when we didn't think we could love her any more, Dani Dyer has only gone and given us this glorious makeup remover hack.

We LIVE for these little moments when celebs let us in on their beauty secrets and we're desperate for skin like Dani's so, tbh, we'll take whatever she's having.

Dani detailed all the delightful bits she had bought for her hospital bag before the birth of her little boy on her Instagram, and there was one item that had all our heads turning.

Now, while we love the classic that is Garnier's micellar water, we're desperate to get our hands on the MAGIC Face Halo make-up remover pads she raved about.

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dani dyer face halo
Dani showed fans all the things in her hospital bag ahead of the arrival of her little boy. ©Instagram @danidyerxx

"These are brilliant," Dani told fans.

For those of you that aren't familiar with Face Halo, they're fabric make-up remover pads that melt away make-up with...just water.

Magic, right?

How does it work, you ask?

Well, reader, Face Halo pads use "Halotech" fibres to reach those hard to access areas (pores, nose creases etc.) and hold onto all the make-up they come into contact with.

"No residue is left behind," the brand claims. So, in theory, they're a sensitive skin dream.

And, hey, they'll save you heaps of cash in the long run, think of all the make-up wipes you won't have to buy.

Go on, treat yourself this Boxing Day.

Who knows what deals and offers await you.

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The Face Halo make-up remover pads Dani Dyer uses

Face Halo Original Makeup Remover Pad
1 of 2

Make-up removal with just water? Take all our money, tbh.

Face Halo - Pack of 3
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CREDIT: Amazon

Stock up with this handy pack of three for all your makeup removal needs.


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Now that you've got your make-up removal DOWN, courtesy of Miss Dani Dyer, have you thought about switching up your skincare routine?

'Maskne' is the buzzword on everyone's lips at the moment as we fall prey to the horrible blemishes and skin irritations left behind by our face masks.

Now, we're not saying don't wear a mask (protect the NHS 🙌) but, you could make a few swaps in your skincare routine to help matters.

How bout adding in salicylic acid, or switching up your regular moisturiser for one with added hyaluronic acid?

Seriously, we asked a dermatologist and those were her recommendations...

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