The best Yankee Candle scents to make your home cosy AF

No room is complete without one of these gorgeous Yankee candle scents... ✨

The best Yankee Candle scents

by Eve Miller |

Lighting a candle is one of life’s simple pleasures. There is nothing like tidying up your space, getting your favourite candle lit and popping your feet up. Yankee Candles are some of the best in the UK as they seem to last forever, and fill any room with whatever heavenly scent you choose.

Yankee Candle uses premium wax and authentic ingredients in all its candles. The fibre cotton wicks are 100% natural and centred for an even, clean burn.

Honestly, we’re obsessed, and when you check our list of the top Yankee Candle scents, we can promise that you will be too. We've rounded up the best candles for any room, season or mood that will freshen up your space.

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How many Yankee Candle scents are there?

Yankee Candle has over 200 scents, so even though we’ve made a shortlist of the ones we think you’ll love, there are loads more to try. The brand also has many seasonal options, so you can have special candles just for certain occasions.

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What are the most popular Yankee Candle scents?

These are some of the most popular Yankee Candle scents, plus a few of our underrated favourites.

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How long do Yankee Candles last?

A large Yankee Candle jar can last up to 150 hours, depending on how it’s used. That’s hours and hours of stunning scents filling your home which is amazing value for money.

Are Yankee Candles good for mindfulness?

Sometimes getting into the zone is hard, especially if you’re trying to live that WFH life. Lighting a candle can help you chill out and help to clear your head. Yankee Candles are a great pick for mindfulness vibes.

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