Self-care Sunday: the best masks for removing blackheads

We can see those blackheads. There's no hiding them. If you want to clear your pores, get one of these blackhead-removing masks now!

Masks for removing blackheads

by Lily Anderson |

When I was a teenager, I was covered in acne. My family would try to assure me that it would get better and they’d always say things like, “Don’t worry, they’ll disappear by the time you're 21”. How wrong they were. Getting into my late twenties, my daily skin care routine is now up to seven steps. Even the tablets prescribed to me by my doctor can’t stop me from a bad break out.

To prevent me from spending hours in front of the mirror squeezing all the blackheads from my nose (however satisfying it is), I’ve invested in different masks to stop inflammation of my acne. No longer will my face resemble the left overs of a Saturday night pizza. I’m determined to look after my skin better and the first step is removing my blackheads.

A common misconception around blackheads is that the black bumps are dirt. This isn’t the case, in fact it’s simply where the opening of a hair follicle becomes clogged with dead skin or oil. Now that’s covered, you’ll need to find the right face mask for you. It’s important to note that this will heavily depend on your skin type. Although many contain natural ingredients, choosing the wrong one might irritate you.

To stop you from getting blotchy patches on top of your spots, we’ve pulled together a list of the best masks for removing blackheads. So that once a month (at least), you can treat yourself to a self-care Sunday session and pull out all the stops to have a bit of ‘me time’.

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