From Durex to Lovehoney, these are the best sex toys on Amazon

Me-time's about to get even better 😏


by Caitlin Casey |

When it comes to self-love and masturbation, a sex toy can be your little best friend. From vibrators to dildos, there's something for everyone out there.

One place you may not have expected to buy the best sex toys though is from our favourite stockist Amazon. Sure, it’s our one-stop-shop for home gym equipment, household hacks, books and streaming, but we’d never thought of including a little sexy treat just for us in our bi-monthly shop for the essentials.

That's right, you can zip your sex toys straight to you from Prime. Huge brands like Lovehoney and Durex are stocked on Amazon so you can just add to your basket with some new bits and bobs. You'll be super pleased when it arrives the next morning.

Don't worry though, because there are loads of high-quality brands on the website that you can invest in. Even Gemma Collins has brought out a new sex toy collection with Durex that you can snap up from Amazon (trust us, it's worth it).

On the one hand, splashing out on a luxury sex toy is the ultimate in self-care, and some of the best brands can easily cost upwards of £100.

Amazon is the ultimate go-to for value for money ANYTHING, but now we’ve taken a gander at the sex toys available and we are pleased to report there are loads of top quality products for a fraction of the price you’d usually spend. Just check out our faves below.

New to masturbation and self-love?

During lockdown, it was well reported that lots of couples were relying on tech and toys to keep their sex lives alive and well whilst separated from their partners.

But what if you’re new to solo play? Certified sex and relationship expert for luxury sex toy brand LELO, Kate Moyle, reveals the best positions for maximising self-pleasure.

“The reality is when it comes to masturbation and sex, there is no magic formula or one size fits all approach, it's about finding what works for you,” she told us.

“The majority of women achieve orgasm through direct clitoral stimulation, without the need for penetration, however the G-Spot area, although not an anatomical structure is a more sensitive area in the anterior wall of the vagina, which for many gives a lot of pleasure and sensation. Being comfortable and relaxed is one of the key ways for you to experience more pleasure and achieve orgasm, so that's the most important part rather than getting the position that you are trying exactly right.

“Clitoral stimulation can be easily achieved lying on your back, you may want a pillow under your hips, for comfort and have your knees bent allowing them to relax and drop to the bed.”

“For G-Spot stimulation (which is easier to achieve once you are already turned on or aroused), a sitting position for example against a pile of cushions, or headboard of a bed can be helpful as the angling required to reach the G-spot needs a bit more reach, which is harder when you are lying down.

“Try the bath if you want some different sensations. The warmth of water can be really relaxing and soothing, and the bath is often a time that we give ourselves permission to enjoy and escape from what else we have going on. There are also a whole host of sex toys that are designed for water play; and it's good not to get stuck in routines with our sex lives, so it's a good way of changing up the context.”

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