UK weather: England to be hotter than Corfu this weekend!

It's definitely time to stock up on suncream, as the UK is going to be hotter than Corfu this weekend


by Kayleigh Dray |
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Forget flying to the Med for a shot of sunshine - it's officially going to be warmer here in England than it will be in Greece and Turkey this weekend.

Yup, we're deadly serious - and very excited.

Temperatures are apparently set to increase as the week goes on, soaring as high as 16C on Saturday and Sunday - making it a whopping SIX degrees warmer than average.

It's time to pull up a deckchair on Brighton beach (stock image)
It's time to pull up a deckchair on Brighton beach (stock image)

To help you put this in perspective, it's worth pointing out that Athens will be peaking at 14C and Istanbul - as in, Istanbul in Turkey - at a measly 10C.

“The temperatures will get warmer as the week goes on,” said Dan Williams, of the Met Office.

“By Saturday we could see temperatures of 14C or 15C and maybe even 16C in a sheltered location in London or the South East.”

It's good to see that Spring has finally sprung, with purple crocuses popping up in Cambridge and plenty of daffodils making their first appearance across the country.

Spring is finally here! (stock image)

But, while people down in Southern England are apparently guaranteed a dry Friday )with temperatures of up to 12C), it's less good news for the Scots.

Sadly, they will be hit with rain in the West - and gale force gusts of up to 60mph in the North West.

Maybe it's time for our Northern cousins to plan a weekend away, eh?


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