You know you’re ready for summer when…

Seriously winter? Go do one. This GIF article has hilariously summed up exactly why we're ready for summer to come back already…


by Kayleigh Dray |
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You know you're ready for summer when…

You're well and truly BORED of being cold.

It's getting old now, winter. It's getting really, really old.

You hate everything in your winter wardrobe.

Jeans and a jumper? Again? Oh please.

And all you want to do is start wearing sleeveless dresses again.

You know, WITHOUT dropping down dead of hypothermia.

Not to mention start going OUT at the weekends again.

The outside world is so cold and goddamn unforgiving at the moment - but you've watched e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g on Netflix. Even the really terrible shows that nobody's ever heard of.

Also, daylight. You really miss daylight.

It's just so depressing waking up in the dark - and going home in the dark. And just dark. All of that dark.

**And exercise. **

Ha - you haven't been jogging since last September. or, at the very least, you haven't thought about it since September - you can't actually remember when you genuinely jogged.

And NOT having a cold..

You've had the flu for what feels like your entire life and you just don't want to blow your nose ever again. Ever.

It's all just gotten very depressing, honestly.

It ain't called the winter blues for the colour palette, y'know.

So, sometimes, you allow yourself to dream…

Omg what if it was summer NOW?!

You'd be waking up to sunshine and blue skies…


You'd be skipping out the door - and you wouldn't even THINK about bringing a coat.

Yes, skipping. And nobody would judge you for it, either.

You'd spend every single waking moment trying to catch a tan..

Mmmmmmm - vitamin D. We've missed you.

Although obviously you'd wear suncream.

… seriously though, wear suncream. Nobody loves looking at an old boot.

You'd have your sunglasses on constantly.

Sunglasses make any outfit infinitely cooler. Fact.

And you'd TOTALLY go to the actual beach…

Sure, there wouldn't be sand - but pebbles are fine. They're great, even.

You'd be able to see topless men pretty much whenever you wanted….

Roll on the pecs appeal. Even if it DOES come with an added side of flabby beer belly.

There would be picnics…


And maybe there could be sexy pool time.

Who knows, eh? Anything can happen. Although it's safe to presume that it WON'T involve Leonardo DiCaprio.

Basically you'd just, generally, have an awesome time. All the time.


So what if it involves the painful removal of body hair?

It's totally worth it… maybe.

And so what if all that sunshine can prove painful?

Yeah, pale people gonna burn. Big time.

And we can't even think about the concept of being 'too hot' right now.

Seriously... too hot? What even is that?

Bring on that sunshine and happiness already…

We think we've earned our summer.

Are you ready for the much-anticipated Easter heatwave?

We thought so. Let us know your summer plans in the comments box below - stat!

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