Move over Haagen-Dazs – this guy’s boozy ice cream is the one that we want


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Scottish ice cream maker Kyle Gentleman has gone viral after creating a Strongbow Dark Fruit flavour that has left the world desperate to try it.

We're sure you saw that photo that was doing the rounds on social media last week of a Strongbow Dark Fruits flavoured ice cream.

You know the one - to be honest, you were probably tagged in it by SOMEONE.

But we've now found the genius behind the creation - and, thanks to the success of the cider flavour, he's planning MORE alcoholic ice creams.

Remember seeing this last week? (Credit: SWNS) ©SWNS

Isn't this the best news since we found out that Häagen-Dazs were making alcoholic ice creams?!

It can't just be us. Or are we just obsessed with alcohol? Or ice cream?!


WATCH: Scottish ice cream maker goes viral after creating a Strongbow Dark Fruits flavour

Kyle Gentleman (what a great name) came to the world's attention last week when a photo of his Strongbow Dark Fruit ice cream flavour went viral.

He owns the artisan ice cream shop Ice, located in the village of Redding, near Falkirk in Scotland, and started off by making a Monster-flavoured ice cream, before moving onto WKD and then the Dark Fruits.

Kyle, 26, has received calls from people in the USA, Argentina and even Italy - with one person driving over 60 miles to visit his shop.

Ice has been very popular this week (Credit: SWNS) ©SWNS

He said: "At Ice Falkirk we make all out own flavours from scratch, we pasteurise the milk, all sourced locally, and we do all the usual flavours, tablet, mint choc chip, strawberry, vanilla.

"But then we came up with a new idea a couple of weeks ago for the Monster energy drink flavour and that really kicked things off. It got a lot of attention, was shared on pages all over Facebook and clocked up thousands and thousands of shares.

"We decided to take advantage of that and got a new product that is alcohol-based from Italy and that allows us to make any alcoholic drink into an ice cream. My favourite is Strongbow Dark Fruits and it just went crazy.

"We did that on Thursday and sold out that day. On Friday we had to go to Glasgow and get extra ingredients and sold out again. Going on from that we did the Blue WKD and that hit a different kind of market and we were bombarded. Someone from Largs drove all the way up for some."

Monster, anyone? (Credit: SWNS) ©SWNS

Kyle, who has worked on ice cream vans since the age of 14, is now planning to bring in beer and Prosecco flavours - something we can DEFINITELY get on board with!

He said: "We've got new plans now. Now we've done the alcohol flavours we're going to keep it here because people have been coming from far and wide.

"We've been inundated with requests for the likes of Mad Dog, Prosecco, even beers like Corona, maybe a sorbet for example. That's our plans, to keep doing new ones and do cocktails and stuff like that so the scope is wide."

Perhaps the WKD flavour is more your tipple? (Credit: SWNS) ©SWNS

He added: "But we need to remember our other customers who want regular flavours like Mrs Tilly's tablet, vanilla, cookie dough, Kinder for the kids. Plans for the future would be to develop new flavours, alcohol flavours, new special ones and hopefully we can take the idea further.

"We already supply the Beancross restaurant in Falkirk so we'd like to get the name out there a bit more and supply other restaurants here and outwith Falkirk with our name."

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