Reeva Steenkamp’s mother ‘forgives’ Oscar Pistorius: “All we want is the truth”

Reeva Steenkamp’s mother June has told a UK magazine that she ‘doesn’t hate’ Oscar Pistorius for murdering her daughter.


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As her daughter’s murder trial continues, June said: “I feel her presence and talk to her all the time. She'll only rest in peace when this is over. I trust that God will prevail and justice will be done. All we want is the truth.”

"I don't hate Oscar… I've forgiven him. I have to - that's my religion. But I am determined to face him and re-claim my daughter. It's important for him to know that I'm there, that Reeva's mother who gave birth to her and loved her, is there for her.”

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Oscar is on trial for Reeva's murder
Oscar is on trial for Reeva's murder

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Reeva was shot by athlete Oscar at his home on Valentine’s Day last year. He claims that he mistook her for an intruder, but the prosecution claims he shot her in an act of rage.

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Reeva’s father Barry said: “If I'd known what I know now, I would have attempted to stop the relationship. Reeva wouldn't have liked me for attempting to interfere, but as it turned out she would have thanked me in the end.”

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