School to consider adding skirts to boys’ uniform


by Emma Dodds |
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Highgate School, a private school in London, is considering letting skirts become part of the unisex uniform

A private school in London is considering changing their school uniform policy to include skirts for boys as well as girls.

The Highgate School in North London is apparently think about changing the uniform rules to let boys wear skirts after more and more children are said to be questioning their gender.

The school, which charges up to £6,790 a term, does not currently allow boys to wear skirts in their uniform code.

Headteacher Adam Pettitt revealed that the question of gendered school uniforms came up during a Q&A session with sixth form college students at the school.

He said: "We're therefore exploring how our uniform policy could evolve to cater for those who do want to match clothing to gender, as well as those who don't."

The Highgate School in London (Credit: Google Street View) ©Google Street View

He also discussed how, although the question of gender hadn't been raised very often before, this didn't necessarily mean that it is a new problem.

He explained: "It seems inconceivable that these sorts of questions simply didn't exist. The fact that there is significantly greater support and information available, both in schools and elsewhere, means that young people need no longer feel afraid to ask questions or speak out about their feelings.

"If they feel happier and more secure in who they are, it must be a good thing."

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