Police have just 11 weeks left to find Maddie before funds run out


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The Metropolitan Police have only 11 weeks left to find Madeleine McCann before the funding runs out

The police investigation to find Madeleine McCann was given £85,000 back in March to last them until September.

This means that they have less than three months to find the little girl, who has been missing since she disappeared from Praia da Luz in Portugal whilst on holiday with her family in May 2007.

Whilst there have been alleged sightings, none of the leads have come off.

Madeleine would be 14-years-old now (Credit: Facebook & Metropolitan Police/ Teri Blythe) ©Facebook & Metropolitan Police/ Teri Blythe

A Freedom Of Information request (FOI) made by the Daily Mail showed that they had only flown to Portugal twice in the past year.

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But a spokesperson for the police hit back, telling The Sun: "We should not have to explain or justify how many times we are going to Portugal.

"If we need to be in Portugal, in particular, Praia da Luz, for policing reasons we will be there immediately.

"The investigation continues with focus and determination. It is not winding down, it is not grinding to a halt. It is ongoing."

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She was only a few days before her fourth birthday when she disappeared in 2007 (Credit: Official Find Madeleine Campaign) ©Official Find Madeleine Campaign

This comes after Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley announced in April that he was certain the little girl was abducted.

He said: "She wasn't old enough to make a decision to set off and start her own life. However she left that apartment - she's been abducted."

He also added that one hypothesis was that Madeleine may have been taken in a burglary gone wrong.

Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley is working on the case (Credit: Getty Images) ©Getty Images

He said: "One of the working hypotheses we've got was could this be a burglary that's gone wrong. Somebody's doing a burglary, panicked maybe by a waking child and that's what leads to Madeleine going missing.

"In my experience, if you try to apply cold, rational logic of what someone sat in their front room might do compared to what criminals do under pressure, you tend to make mistakes."

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