Petition for McCanns to take lie detector test has over 27,000 signatures


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A petition calling for Kate and Gerry McCann to take a voluntary lie detector test has been signed over 27,000 times

As the 10th anniversary of their daughter's disappearance looms, the public scrutiny on Kate and Gerry McCann doesn't see any sign of relenting.

This is down to claims that members of the public still believe that they were responsible for the disappearance of three-year-old Madeleine.

And this belief has even led to a petition calling for the parents to take a lie detector test.

An online petition for the McCanns to take a lie detector test has gained over 27,000 signatures (Credit: Care2) ©Care2

An online petition on the Care2 site entitled "Public want the McCanns to take voluntary lie detector test" now has over 27,000 signatures.

The petition cause reads: "Since the disappearance of Madeleine almost 10 years ago, an overwhelming majority of the UK population now suspect that Gerry and Kate McCann may have played a direct role in the cover-up of her disappearance," although it's not clear where the anonymous organisers have found this information from as they suggest that a lot more people than the 27,000 signatures agree with them.

It goes on to list complaints, such as the £12 million that has been spent on the case. But the petition then states some very bold opinions: "We feel that the McCanns should take this opportunity which is a positive step to successfully bring an end to the speculation that they were involved in their daughter's disappearance to the extent of foul play by them or an accident which they deliberately covered up.

"The McCanns have received an unprecedented amount of funds and support from the government whilst other families whose children go missing receive almost none. It is quite clear the McCann's have gained financially from the disappearance of their daughter."

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Three-year-old Madeleine went missing nearly 10 years ago (Credit: Getty Images) ©Getty Images

The anonymous organiser of the petition, which calls for 100,000 signatures so that the issue will be debated in parliament, has even offered to pay for the test to "satisfy and put an end to speculation and allegations that they are not implicated in their daughters disappearance".

They go on to plead with readers: "Whether or not you believe they are part of a cover-up of an accident or they are involved in some way, or indeed they are completely innocent and have been unfairly targeted, you MUST sign & share this petition.

"Either way, the McCanns were responsible for the neglect of their children that night and should at the very least be prosecuted for that."

The anonymous petitioners think the parents may have been involved in Madeleine's disappearance (Credit: Getty Images) ©Getty Images

The website have even written a disclaimer at the top which reads: "NOTE: CARE2 DOES NOT ENDORSE THE CONTENT OF THIS PETITION."

Unfortunately for the organisers, the petition is not listed on the official Downing Street petitions website, and therefore has absolutely no chance of being debated in parliament.

A source close to the couple told The Sun: "Kate and Gerry will not do a lie detector test because they've got nothing to lie about. It's just nonsense to suggest they have."

Expert Detective Dave Edgar thinks Maddie may still be alive (Credit: Getty Images) ©Getty Images

Many celebs have shared their opinions in the last few months, with Katie Hopkins branding it an "injustice" that the McCanns did not stand trial and Jodie Marsh launching a Twitter rant against the parents.

She even went on to debate the issue with Kerry Needham, mum of missing toddler Ben.

They faced even more backlash earlier this month when Portuguese crime expert Moita Flores claimed that Maddied "died in that apartment".

However, British detective Dave Edgar claimed earlier this week that Maddie "could still be alive".

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