Parents of 11-year-old cancer sufferer sued her school after they banned her medical marijuana


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An 11-year-old girl suffering from leukemia has sued her school after they confiscated her medical marijuana.

The girl, who was identified in court papers as A. S., suffers from epilepsy and seizure as a result of the chemotherapy she's having to treat the cancer.

She was given marijuana patches and drops to help soothe her symptoms.

However - her school in Chicago prohibited her from using it, as there is a state law that forbids possession or use of weed on school property or buses.

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Doctor Christian's advice on skin cancer - SLIDER

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Check your moles

Elaine developed a small mole on her cheek, but years later a friend said it looked different. That's why you need to check your moles every month. It's a good idea to take photos too, because you see yourself every day and may miss changes. If you're not sure, show your mum, sister or friend. Also check places like your back, bum, scalp, soles of your feet, and between your fingers.

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Know your risk

If several relatives have had skin cancer, you're more likely to get it too, so any mole that looks suspicious should be checked. Elaine is fair-skinned, which also ups the risk, but nobody – whatever their skin type – should use sunbeds, and nobody should get burned. Burned skin is a sign you've damaged your DNA and that's a cancer risk.If you have more than 11 moles on your right arm, or any really big ones (bigger than 6mm across), your risk is increased too. If having lots of moles makes it hard to check them, you could use an app like SkinVision or Miiskin, or even pay for a mole mapping service. They cost about £150 – but if you've spent years using sunbeds, it could be a wise investment.

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What to look for

A healthy mole should be even, so both halves look the same, and the edges should be sharp – not jagged or blurred – and it should be one colour, not bigger than 6mm across and it shouldn't change. If it does, see your GP. Symptoms can take 20 years to develop, and can be caused by being burned from as far back as childhood. If you remember being as red as a lobster on childhood holidays, you need to keep checking your moles.

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Don't be fooled

Sunbeds can give out UV rays stronger than midday tropical sun, so don't think that because it's a nice machine in a shiny salon it's safe or medicalised. Those rays can also damage your eyes, so look out for dark spots or changes in your vision.Melanoma is the third most common cancer in the UK and the earlier you spot it, the easier it is to treat, so make checking your moles a monthly habit.

Her parents, known as J.S. and M.S. in the court papers, said that forbidding their daughter from taking the medicines means that she would have to take more time off school with the illness, which would in turn break another state law about her attending school.

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Superintendent Andy DuRoss said that officials will often work with parents to work out care plans for children with medical conditions, but added that they "cannot legally grant the request."

He said: "We’re going to abide by the law and do our best to support our students within the confines of the law."

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