‘Cannabis oil saved my daughter’s life,’ claims mum of severely disabled 6-year-old

Jayla Agbonlahor

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Mum-of-two Louise Bostock treats her 6-year-old daughter Jayla Agbonlahor with cannabis oil, and believes it saved her life...

It's every parent's worst nightmare; just days after her first birthday, Jayla Agbonlahor stopped breathing and was rushed to hospital. She remained there for the next five months.

“At first they thought it was epilepsy," explained her mum Louise Bostock. "But eventually they couldn’t diagnose her and I was told that she wasn’t expected to survive."

While doctors tried to figure out the cause of Jayla's illness (something they still don't know), and treat it with Western medicine, her condition continued to decline and the little girl was soon unable to walk, talk, eat or drink.

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Eventually, out of desperation, Louise decided to try something controversial - cannabis.

After researching the alleged medical benefits of cannabis online, Louise started administering cannabis oil to Jayla - rubbing it on her stomach and gums.

When Closer Online asked Louise if she was nervous about giving her child a Class B drug, she responded: "I was not nervous about giving Jayla the oil, as we was told she's drug resistant and will die in childhood. It was our last hope - she was sent home not knowing when she will die."

She added: "I'm more concerned about the toxic meds they try at hospital."

Jayla Agbonlahor
Jayla's health problems started just after she turned one (Credit: Louise Bostock) ©Louise Bostock

At first Louise kept the treatment a secret, but after admitting what she was doing to nurses, Louise and her partner Charisma Agbonlahor - brother of Aston Villa striker Gabby Agbonlahor - were dragged into a 'safe guarding' meeting with police and council staff.

Once it was established that they were acting in their daughter's best interest, the couple were given offical clearance to treat Jayla with cannabis.

And according to Louise, Jayla's improvement has been nothing short of a miracle.

Jayla Agbonlahor
Jayla one on of her many hospital trips (Credit: Louise Bostock) ©Louise Bostock

“Jayla used to be hospitalised every three or four weeks with seizures. Now she can go months without one,” she explained.

“She is smiling and happy and has so much more life. She used to be comatose and slept all day, but she has started to eat properly and now watches TV with a smile on her face. I heard her laugh out loud for the first time – can you imagine?

“I believe it has saved her life."

Jayla Agbonlahor
Jayla's condition has improved since being treated with cannabis oil (Credit: Louise Bostock) ©Louise Bostock

Having seen such wonderful improvements changes in her own daughter's condition, Louise is now passionate about making cannabis-based treatments available to other children who are suffering.

She told Closer Online: "It's such a shame people don't get given the option to try this sacred plant as a last resort, as it has so many healing and beautiful benefits.

"I have witnessed something beautiful in Jayla's case and other people I know who take the oil. I do not refer to this as a drug, I refer to it as a plant.

"Unfortunately this plant has been held back from the people for so long, but if my daughter has been given the go ahead so should everybody else who is suffering."

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