Jon Venables is ENGAGED and plans to marry once he leaves prison


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James Bulger killer Jon Venables is reportedly set to marry once he has finished his prison sentence

Jon Venables is apparently engaged to be married after proposing to his girlfriend last year.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has apparently been showing off her engagement ring according to The Sun, who add that she is fully aware of his true identity and the fact that he murdered two-year-old James Bulger 25 years ago.

She has even remained faithful despite Venables being sentenced to 40 months in prison last month for possession of 1,200 images of child abuse as well as a disturbing paedophile manual on how to have sex "safely" with children.

James Bulger

At the time he was arrested for these vile crimes, he was actually living with his girlfriend.

A source told the publication that Venables had been forced by officials to reveal his real identity: "Officials have made this woman fully aware of Venables’ horrific crimes yet this hasn’t stopped her wanting to be with him.

"She is going about her business in a normal way and intends to marry when he’s released from jail.

"You have to remember that while the couple might be busy planning the rest of their lives together, sadly James was robbed of his chance to find a soulmate later in life."

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They also added that they were forced to "question what kind of a woman" wanted to spend their life with a "convicted child killer and paedophile," adding that "anyone in their right mind would run a mile" once they'd discovered his real identity.

This comes after Venables was attacked in prison by fellow inmates with boiling water, with a source telling The Sun: "They'll end up getting him. It’s just a waste of taxpayers’ money."

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