Jeremy Kyle slams mother who supplied daughter with addictive prescription drugs

The Jeremy Kyle show

by Owen Tonks |
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Jeremy Kyle has slammed a mother who supplied her daughter with prescription drugs which led to an addiction.

The television presenter said the parent “should be in prison” for giving her child pills and boxes of codeine for £5.

Daughter Kelsea claimed her mum Tracey gave her “100 tablets of codeine” a day at the age of 16 and she became hooked on the medication.

The Jeremy Kyle show

She said: “I was diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), I had stomach cramps, I asked my mum for some pain killers. I went to 80 - 100 a day, I was dependent on them.”

Jeremy, who was speaking to the pair on his programme The Jeremy Kyle show, thought legal action should be taken against Tracey for her actions.

He told her: “You should disappear and not be a b—dy mother then.”

After storming off the stage, Tracey tried to defend herself by saying it was better that she supply her daughter with the tablets rather than she get them from strangers.

She said: “She gets it off streets if I don’t give it to her.”

Jeremy hit back: “You’re a great told model aren’t you? Give your kids away because you were off your face now you sell her drugs.”

The Jeremy Kyle show

A baffled Jeremy asked: “You sold your own daughter a drug that can kill her?”

Tracey insisted she had tried to get her daughter off the medication.

Kelsea insists she will try again and is getting help from The Jeremy Kyle Show’s aftercare team.

Do you think Tracey was right to give her daughter the pills rather than let her buy them on the streets? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.


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