Janet Street Porter comes under fire for comparing microchipping children to Nazis marking Jews in World War Two

The Loose Women panellist is astounded some parents would microchip their children to keep track of them

Janet Street Porter Loose Women

by Owen Tonks |
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Janet Street Porter has come under fire for comparing the microchipping of children to marking jews during the second world war.

The Loose Women panellist made her comments during an appearance on the show and made it clear she was against a chip being inserted under the skin of children so their parents could keep track of them.

She claimed she was “distressed” at the thought of it and compared the action to the treatment of some prisoners.

Janet exclaimed: “I do find it offensive. It’s treating children as badly as we treat prisoners.

Janet Street Porter Loose Women

“We tag prisoners and during the last world war, Jews had triangles and had tattoos put on them and it was just absolutely offensive and I find this idea of sticking a microchip inside an innocent child…”

The former journalist was stopped mid sentence by co-host Jane Moore who insisted: “You can’t compare it to that!”

In a bid so soften her stance, Janet offered an apology, saying: “Alright, I can’t compare it to that and I’m not comparing it to that.”

She added: “I do apologise if I’ve offended people but I do find it offensive to stick a piece of technology in a child before that child can say whether they want it or not.”

Janet Street Porter Loose Women

The discussion came about after show guest, actress Lisa Riley, admitted she was a troublesome teen.

She said that when she was younger she would tell her parents she was staying over at the houses of her female friends when she actually spent the weekend with boys drinking and smoking.

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