Newlywed 82: ‘I’ll eat mince pies off my hot 36-year-old’

Iris Jones doesn’t need presents this year – she’s got everything she wants and is more than ready for some festive fun...

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Tucked away in her bungalow in a small seaside village near Weston-super- Mare, pensioner Iris Jones is looking forward to this festive season more than ever. Beside her in their living room is her husband, Mohamed Ibrahim, who at just 36 is more than half her age.

But Iris feels as giddy as a young girl in love for the first time and says their 46-year age gap is no hindrance to them, and they have a loving relationship – in every way!

The couple can’t wait to spend their first Christmas together. Retired care worker Iris, 82, says, “On Christmas day, Mohamed and I will just stay in bed!

“He’s Muslim so has never celebrated the season before, and I’m an atheist so we haven’t gone over the top with decorations – we’re just enjoying it as a holiday.

“We won’t bother with presents – we already have everything we want. We’ll have cheese on toast followed by mince pies and whipped cream, which I’ll eat off his body – I’ve never done that before. We’ll take a break to watch the Queen’s speech but, other than that, you’ll find us between the sheets.

“We have the most amazing life together – I’ve never had sex like it. Everything about Mohamed is gorgeous, I was watching him typing on his phone the other day and it struck me just how beautiful his fingers are. I feel so lucky, we are madly in love.

“I know people think I’m a daft old biddy and he’s after me for my money – but I haven’t got any! I own my bungalow, but that’s it. And he’s not here just for the visa as he’d rather be in Egypt! He’s only here for me. This is the real thing.”

closer magazine real life age gap relationship
The pair are smitten


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Everything about her relationship with Mohamed, an engineer, has been eye opening for Iris. She’d been single for 26 years following her divorce in 1993.

She says, “I couldn’t be bothered with another relationship. I wasn’t lonely and enjoyed my own company.”

Iris had two children with her first husband – Stephen, now 55, who’s a postman, and Darren 54, a recycling truck driver, but she says that otherwise the marriage was tricky. She says, “My ex wanted sex all the time and I just wanted him to leave me alone. I didn’t really enjoy it. In fact, I’ve had seven lovers before and Mohamed is the only one who’s made it good!”

Iris met Mohamed, who is from Egypt and was previously in a nine-year arranged marriage, over Facebook when they were both members of a community group in June 2019. He messaged her and they soon started chatting online daily.

Iris says, “He started calling me ‘babe’ and was always telling me how nice I looked. I thought it was ridiculous! At the time I was 79, but he’s never minded about my age.”

And gradually Iris started falling for him. “He’s so bright and funny,” says Iris. “Then I mentioned I’d love to see the pyramids one day and he told me he’d like to take me.”

From there the couple started making plans for Iris to visit. In November 2019, she flew to Egypt and Mohamed met her at the airport. She says, “I saw this tall, beautiful man walking towards me and it was love at first sight. I’d never known a feeling like it.”

Mohamed had booked an Airbnb and that night they made love for the first time.

Iris says, “We were both excited for it to happen – a friend had even given me a tube of lube, so I was ready! We got through that one and had to run to the local chemist to get another one. It was like being a virgin again as it had been over 27 years since I’d had sex. It was so pleasurable; it was the first time I’d ever enjoyed making love.”

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closer magazine real life age gap relationship

As well as discovering each other physically, the couple soon grew closer emotionally, too. Iris says, “I was attracted to his looks but his personality is amazing too, he’s charming and genuine with oodles of charisma. And he’ll do anything for me.

“I met his mother on the first trip and we adored each other – she thanked me for making her son so happy. I’ve met his father too and he’s lovely. It makes me laugh though that they’re in their 60s, so I’m older than my in-laws!”

Iris had a fall while in Egypt and needed hospital treatment and Mohamed stayed with her, sleeping on the floor beside her bed.

And gradually the age gap became irrelevant to Iris. “He’s never had a problem with it,” she explains, “In his culture the elderly are looked after and appreciated. He doesn’t care that I’m older and has already promised me that I’ll never end up in a home, and that he’ll look after me.”

The couple hoped to get married on her first trip to Egypt, which lasted for a month, but Iris didn’t have the necessary paperwork. And on her second trip in March 2020, it transpired that Mohamed’s divorce wasn’t complete despite the fact he’d separated two years before.

The couple finally tied the knot in October 2020 in Egypt, when Iris was able to visit after lockdown travel restrictions had relaxed. Iris says, “It was a simple ceremony in an office building and afterwards we celebrated with a KFC. That night we just cuddled but the following morning we made love and then we lay in each other’s arms afterwards talking. It was perfect.

“I’d written myself off as an ugly old hag, but he loves me and that makes me feel wonderful. Though I’m still quite prudish, really. He wanted to make love with him standing up and holding me with my legs round his waist and his hands cupping my bottom. I told him it made me feel like a sack of spuds!”

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A few weeks after their wedding, Iris headed home and the couple had an agonising separation while they waited for Mohamed’s spousal visa to come through.

Iris admits, “I can’t live in Egypt as it’s too hot for me, so Mohamed agreed to come to England. We were separated for 11 months and it was tough. I love him so much, it felt like a piece of me was missing. I remember seeing other couples walking around holding hands and feeling so jealous.”

But last month, Mohamed finally came to live in England, and the couple are settling into Iris’ bungalow.

Iris says, “I’m getting used to having someone else living with me. Luckily he’s pretty well trained about picking his clothes up from the floor, and doesn’t make a mess. He’s currently looking for work. He’s applied for a job at a local holiday camp doing maintenance work, so fingers crossed.

“We love watching nature documentaries together and make love every other night.

“My sons were both suspicious but, now they’ve met him, they think he’s great. And my friends think he’s wonderful, too – and needless to say they’re a bit jealous of my good fortune! I do feel so lucky – I’m in good health and so happy. Mohamed coming to live with me is the best present I could ever have imagined this Christmas.

“And I’m certainly looking forward to seeing in the New Year with a bang!”

Mohamed says, “I’m getting used to England and the weather! But I’m happy because I’m with Iris. I can’t describe how much I love her. I don’t think about the future without Iris. We just live for the moment and make every day count.”

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