Apparently, we’re missing out on real life in favour of taking photos… Uh oh!


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A study has found that the modern adult isn't enjoying life as much as previous generations - and it's all because of MOBILE PHONES

Are you sick of hearing how technology will be the death of us and how things were SO MUCH BETTER in the Good Old Days?

Yeah, us too.

Having said that, a recent study has made us prick our ears up, as it's been reported that British people are not enjoying their life experiences as much anymore.

Uh oh.

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The top 30 life experiences that Brits wish they could tick off their bucket lists (slider)

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bucket list

30 - Go glamping29 - Get a dog28 - Go sky diving27 - Learn to dance26 - Try bungee jumping

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25 - Live in another country24 - Go to a casino in Las Vegas23 - Get a tattoo22 - Write a novel21 - Quit your job

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20 - Change your career19 - Learn to fly a plane18 - Apply to be an extra in a movie or television show17 - Research your family tree16 - Eat in a Michelin starred restaurant

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15 - Get married14 - Run a marathon13 - Learn a language12 - Move house11 - Drive a rally car

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10 - Ski9 - Ride in a helicopter8 - Go on a cruise7 - Learn to play a musical instrument6 - Drive Route 66

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5 - Travel on the Orient Express4 - Swim with dolphins3 - Fly First Class2 - Visit the seven wonders of the world1 - See the Northern Lights

According to a poll of 2,000 British people on behalf of Samsung, four in 10 admitted to missing out on key life moments - and all to take the perfect picture.

Yep - taking in an incredible view or joining in with hilarious antics on a night out with friends are among the moments people have missed out on because they were too busy trying to get that 'Instagrammable' shot.

Oh heck. We didn't realise our Insta-obsession was THIS bad...

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Other people said they'd not fully been able to enjoy a family holiday, and some even missed their child's first steps because they were too busy capturing the moment on a device.

Sadly, 43% of people said they'd missed out on having the "true" experience of an event because they'd spent too much time taking pictures, and half admitted to wasting their time on photography when they should have been enjoying themselves.

WELL. Let this be a lesson to us all!

**What do you make of this study? Do you think YOU spend too much time taking pictures instead of living in the moment? Let us know over on **Facebook and Twitter.


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