Ian Watkins’ appeal to lessen his jail sentence thrown out by judges

Paedophile Ian Watkins has lost his bid to appeal his prison sentence.


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The former rock singer was jailed for 29 years in December last year for conspiring to rape a child, three counts of sexual assault involving children and for possessing massive amounts of child pornography.

Watkins pleaded guilty to all of the above, but pleaded not guilty to one charge of rape.

Lawyers representing Watkins argued that his sentence was “too high in the circumstances.”

His lawyer also said that Watkins should have his sentence lessened due to his guilty plea- which saved a jury from having to see graphic and disturbing evidence played out in court.


Ian Watkins was jailed last year


The women who were jailed alongside Watkins also lost their bids for appeal. Their sentences remain at 17 years and 14 years.

Simon Smith, legal counsel for one of the women jailed said: "She was and is a lady with extremely low self esteem, she was suffering possibly post natal depression at the time of the incidents this court is concerned with.”

"She has a mixed personality disorder and has formed a number of relationships through interactions over the internet."

An inquiry is soon to be held by the Independent Police Complaints Commission to determine whether Ian Watkins’ celebrity status prevented him from being brought to justice earlier.

Do you think Ian Watkins' celebrity status stood in the way of justice?

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