Everything you need to know about transgender This Is Liverpool star Chelsey Harwood

She's been in and out of the courts

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Who is Chelsey Harwood?

Chelsey is a 34-year-old reality TV star from Liverpool. She rose to fame while appearing on the online show This Is Liverpool in 2014.

Chelsey was born and lived as a boy in childhood, before transitioning to to become a woman as an adult.

She ultimately quit the show after an explosive bust-up with co-star Vicky Yee, who she accused of being transphobic.

Chelsey ended up in court over the bash-up, where she was charged with assaulting Vicky, but was eventually cleared.

Was Chelsey Hardwood on Hollyoaks?

You might have spotted Chelsey in Hollyoaks, as she appeared in an episode to celebrate the soap's first gay pride festival in 2015.

Was Chelsey Harwood on The X Factor?

Chelsey auditioned for X Factor. She got through to Wembley but sadly didn't make it any further.

What else has Chelsey Hardwood been on?

She's also appeared in MTV's Celebrity Botched Bodies, where she revealed her botched genital surgery, which was then fixed by doctors on the show.

Why did Chelsey have to go to prison?

In 2017, Chelsey was hit with a three month prison sentence after refusing to take the bus to do community service or go her probation appointments.

She had been convicted of dishonestly obtaining £25,000 in Employment Support Allowance and Housing Benefit, despite telling friends of her well-paid media career.

Chelsey had been told to complete 100 hours of voluntary work as part of her sentence. But after failing to meet this condition and meet with her caseworkers, she told the judge she'd rather go to jail.

Chelsey previously said she didn't want to "mix with scallies" on the bus - and told the court she was "anxious" about taking public transport.

More recently, Chelsey failed to appear in court to address her mounting fines. The star was ordered to pay over £12,000 in traffic fines and court costs.

She was due in court in mid-May 2019, but failed to turn up.

Fast forward to March 2020 and according to Liverpool Echo, Chelsey failed to attend court again for not paying a fine of more than £12k.

What happened between Chelsey and 'Banter Queen' Elsa Frost?

Elsa Frost, known on TikTok as 'Banter Queen', was in a feud with Chelsey. This feud culminated in Elsa throwing paint at Chelsey's house and sending her abusive messages.

As a result of these actions Elsa pleaded guilty to four counts of sending abusive communications and was jailed for 18 weeks in January 2022.

According to BBC News Chelsey said she was "over the moon" and called Elsa "vile" and a "transphobic bully".

Magistrates said Elsa's sentence was uplifted due to her targeting Chelsey's gender identity.

On top of the sentence, Elsa was also barred from contacting Chelsey or referring to her on social media for 12 months. She was also ordered to pay £650 in compensation, as well as a victim surcharge payed to Chelsey.

Chelsey took to Twitter to express her feelings regarding the verdict. She wrote, "Justice was served today and someone who transphobically abused me for over a year and sent me hundreds of malicious communications over a period of time has been sentenced to 18 weeks in prison remanded straight into custody and a restraining order plus £500 compensation."

Is Chelsey on social media?

Yes. She has over 36,000 followers on Twitter and she describes herself as an "influencer who lost her influence".

She also has Instagram, where over 30,000 people follow her.

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What is Chelsey Harwood doing on TikTok?

Chelsey's latest social media venture appeared to be TikTok, where she posted dances and comedy videos. As of February 2022, however, the account sadly appears to have been deleted.

On her account she admitted the fact that she was older than most of the users of the platform, saying she was "doing it for the boomers". It's a shame to channel is down as she seemed to have been growing in popularity - some of her videos even had over 15,000 views.

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