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Wellness Influencers UK

by Ben Pulsford |

More and more of us are paying attention to our physical and mental health in equal measure these days.

And that's hardly surprising considering we're living in a post-pandemic world of social media pressures, instant deliveries and ever-rising living costs. The trials and tribulations of everyday life in 2022 weigh heavy on all of us and looking after ourselves needs to be a priority, if it isn't already.

Social media has its problems (understatement of the century) but one thing it does well is it keeps us connected to new information. During lockdown, many of us used social media to follow fitness and wellbeing gurus, many of whom steered us thorough the many curveballs of 2020 and 2021, and in some cases improved our fitness and strengthened our mental health with new information and perspectives.

Staying on top of your physical and mental health goals should be a priority for all of us in trying times, so we've collated a list of our favourite UK-based wellness influencers to help inspire you every day - starting today. So even if you are doom scrolling, at least if you follow one of these accounts, there's a chance you'll run into one of these influencers for a daily dose of goodness. From doctors, to mental health experts, to reality stars, these UK wellness influencers continue to inspire their followers every day, so follow them if you don't already and start looking after you today.

Dr Zoe Williams

If you lived in the UK during lockdown, wellness queen Dr Zoe Williams needs no introduction. Dr Zoe regularly pops up on This Morning, as their resident doctor; she spent the majority of lockdown keeping the British public calm, offering tricks and tips to stay safe, calm and healthy during COVID-19 times. Her Instagram page continues that wonderful ethic in a post-pandemic world.

Joe Wicks

Another lockdown gem who requires no introduction is, of course, Joe Wicks. The nation's favourite PE teacher continues to offer standout, non-judgemental fitness motivation "for everyone" on his Instagram page, as well as delicious – and deliciously healthy – meal prep ideas. It's impossible not to feel happy when you're following Joe on Instagram. We're no scientists, but we're fairly certain just looking at him boosts endorphins.

Carly Rowena

We won't lie, we're slightly obsessed with wellness influencer, Carly Rowena. Whether it's pregnancy workout ideas or mindfulness exercises for the little ones, Carly has us all covered – in good vibes.

Dr Alex George

Since leaving the Love Island Villa, Dr Alex George has been on a journey; one full of plenty of bumps in the road, like so many of us. The frontline hero has become one of the biggest names in mental health support and management encouraging people all over the UK to open about their mental struggles and put their mental health first. His Instagram is full of posts to help you change the way you think – about your mind and body – for the better. If you're struggling to accept a part of yourself, give Dr Alex a follow.

Gemma Styles

Gemma Styles may be the sister of one of the biggest stars on the planet (Harry Styles, if you've been living under a rock), but her Instagram page is grounded and humbling and a recommended follow for anyone looking to prioritise their own wellbeing. If you're having a low day, be sure to check out her 'refill your cup' Instagram Story highlights.

Lucy Mecklenburgh

From TOWIE royalty to a wellness wizard, Lucy Mecklenburgh's Instagram is a breath of fresh air. Mum's especially will want to follow Lucy for a daily dose of wonderful.

Davina McCall

Davina McCall is living proof that prioritising your own mental and physical wellness can totally turn your life around for the better. She shares every inch of her clean and healthy life online and isn't afraid to get raw and real. In a world of fake and filtered, Davina's Instagram is a humbling example of true reality.

Niomi Smart

British vlogger, blogger, and internet personality Niomi Smart has a seriously powerful influence on social media these days and she uses that influence perfectly to uplift her followers. We could quite literally spend all day (maybe perched underneath a tree on a stunning summer's day) browsing through her content, which covers everything from fitness, to skincare, to beauty, to food and positive thinking.

Adele Roberts

Trust us, having Radio 1 legend Adele Roberts on your Instagram feed will empower you day after day. This powerhouse of a woman offers regular fitness tips and raw advice to those living with cancer, as well as those struggling with body to love their bodies. Instagram profiles don't come much more empowering and humbling than this.

Anna Williamson

Celebs Go Dating's Anna Williamson is a trained counsellor who frequently opens up about her mental health struggles and encourages her followers to do the same with her inspirational and humorous content. Learning to love your brain starts with mental health champions like Anna, so make sure you're following her.

Rhiannon Lambert

Part of looking after our wellness is looking after our bodies, and part of looking after our bodies is watching what we put into them. When it comes to nutrition, Rhiannon Lambert is THE guru you need too be following.

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