THIS is a sign social media has gone too far in our relationships…

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Research has found that British people spend more time every day looking at celebrities on social media than they do with their other halves

As social media becomes an increasingly more intrinsic part of our lives, it's hard to tell where the line starts and stops.

When did it become ok to be on your phone while at the same time watching TV? At the same time as having a conversation with someone? On the LOO?!


But a study has found that we now spend more time on our phones scrolling endlessly through social media than we do with our other halves.

According to the research undertaken on behalf of McCain, one in six people believes that their relationship is suffering because they spend more time interacting with celebrities on social media than they do with each other.

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Just under half of respondents admitted that they feel they take their partner for granted.

As a result, more than three quarters wish they spent more time having proper conversations with their other half with no distractions.

A third of people think they spend more time interacting with their partner through social messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook.

Couples revealed they get just an hour and 10 minutes of quality time together every day, but spend one hour and 41 minutes of time engaging with celebs on social sites.

WHAT is the world coming to?!

The top 20 celebs we spend more time with on social media than our other halves


20 celebs social media

Cara Delevingne1 of 20
CREDIT: Instagram/ Cara Delevingne

1) Cara Delevingne

David Beckham2 of 20
CREDIT: Instagram/ David Beckham

2) David Beckham

Emma Watson3 of 20
CREDIT: Instagram/ Emma Watson

3) Emma Watson

Ellie Goulding4 of 20
CREDIT: Instagram/ Ellie Goulding

4) Ellie Goulding

Ed Sheeran5 of 20
CREDIT: Instagram/ Ed Sheeran

5) Ed Sheeran

Alexa Chung6 of 20
CREDIT: Instagram/ Alexa Chung

6) Alexa Chung

Cheryl Tweedy7 of 20

7) Cheryl Tweedy

Ant and Dec8 of 20
CREDIT: REX/Shutterstock

8) Ant and Dec

Holly Willoughby9 of 20
CREDIT: Instagram/ Holly Willoughby

9) Holly Willoughby

Stormzy10 of 20
CREDIT: Instagram/ Stormzy

10) Stormzy

Alexa Chung11 of 20
CREDIT: Rex/Shutterstock

11) Jourdan Dunn

Michelle Keegan12 of 20
CREDIT: Instagram/ Michelle Keegan

12) Michelle Keegan

Phillip Schofield13 of 20

13) Phillip Schofield

Mollie King14 of 20
CREDIT: Instagram/ Mollie King

14) Mollie King

Scarlett Moffatt15 of 20
CREDIT: Getty Images

15) Scarlett Moffatt

James Corden16 of 20
CREDIT: Instagram/ James Corden

16) James Corden

Rita Ora17 of 20
CREDIT: Instagram/ Rita Ora

17) Rita Ora

Emilia Clarke18 of 20
CREDIT: Instagram/ Emilia Clarke

18) Emilia Clarke

Perrie Edwards19 of 20
CREDIT: Instagram/ Perrie Edwards

19) Perrie Edwards

Fearne Cotton20 of 20
CREDIT: Instagram/ Fearne Cotton

20) Fearne Cotton

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