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How will the year pan out for you romantically? Our resident astrologer Yasmin Boland reveals all...

It's a New Year, so maybe like us, you're hoping to find The One this year? Or you're ready to move onto the next level with your other half?

Well if you are, worry not because Yasmin Boland has the latest on what the stars have in store for your love life this year.

Whether you're moving on from an ex-lover, finally ready to settle down or you're still trying to find that special someone, check out your horoscope below...


Closer Love Horoscopes 2018 - Stacked

Closer Love Horoscopes Capricorn1 of 12
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If you like romantic variety, you're in luck as that's what you're likely to get this year. Your romantic life looks volatile! The July 13 eclipse in your Love Zone promises the start of a new love cycle. Move on from the past, whether you're single or forgetting tough times with your partner. For some, there are past actions to be accounted for. For nearly all Capricorns, it's a big year love-wise. Just be sure you treat your partner as you would like to be treated. Hot datesFebruary 17 – love is coming your way. July 16 – definitely a good time for romance. December 10 – show your beloved how much you care!

Closer Love Horoscopes Aquarius2 of 12
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Your love life could be very exciting and even a bit hard to keep up with in 2018, as the January 31 and August 11 eclipses light up your Love Zone. On those days, take a moment to 1. Be grateful for all the love in your life and 2. To make a list of what you want from your love life in the future. Visualise your ideal. It'll be powerful! It's also 100% the year to move on from any past romantic upsets.Hot datesFebruary 12 – you or your partner's libido will be electric. May 18 – a day to focus on love. October 12 – definitely a day to shower someone with love.

Closer Love Horoscopes Pisces3 of 12
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Travel! Adventure! Amazing ideas! All these will be yours this year. But your love life? It looks quieter – not to say that nothing is going to happen, but rather there shouldn't be too many draining dramas. It could even go into a rather comfortable "cruise mode". That said, you still have soul mates planet Neptune in your sign so if you're looking for your soul mate, meeting him/her really could happen this year. But it'll happen easily and gently… Hot datesJanuary 22 – seduce your beloved over breakfast! April 9 – great night for romantic dreams. November 23 – a night for love, not sitting on the sofa!

Closer Love Horoscopes Aries4 of 12
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As the planet of pandemonium, Uranus, finally departs your sign, at least from May to November, expect something of a personality change. At least, that's how it'll seem to those around you. You'll go from being unpredictable (and not always in a good way!) to someone who is still filled with fire, but less … erratic and changeable. This will make you a much better romantic prospect. So expect love life improvements in 2018, and potentially also more sex, too! Hot datesFebruary 13 – life looks exciting (and changeable), just pre-Valentines Day. May 5 – you could definitely get lucky. August 24 – romance is sizzling today!

Closer Love Horoscopes Taurus5 of 12
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As 2018 unfolds, expect to start feeling a little, shall we say, different! That's thanks to Uranus' arrival in Taurus for the first time since the 1930s. Highly unusual events forecast! But you have also the best love stars you've had in over a decade If you're single, your love options are going to open right up and if you're attached, your beloved will find all your new quirks highly appealing. Top tip: Make romance a priority this year.Hot datesFebruary 17 – a good day to make a commitment. June 23 – you're lucky in love and life today. December 13 – passions run deep today.

Closer Love Horoscopes Gemini6 of 12
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You won't really recognize your love life this year, in comparison to the past few years. Any relationships which are still standing, after the barrage of having nasty Saturn in your Love Zone one and off since 2014, can last a lifetime. You have been tested to the hit in all partnerships, personal and professional. Now you can enjoy the ones which have endured. (Next year will be even better.) This year, your love life should start to feel like young love's dream again, comparatively!Hot datesApril 9 – dreamy, good day to meet a soulmate. September 4 – believe you're lovable and you will be loved. December 21 – a day to take a romantic chance.

Closer Love Horoscopes Cancer7 of 12
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There is one word which springs to mind looking at your love chart for the year ahead; WOW! You have such a lot of powerful energy in your Love Zone in 2018 (and 2019). Bad relationships are very likely to crumble under the astrological pressure of having Saturn and Pluto in this part of your chart. However good relationships will prosper plus plus, especially in January, April and September. You are set to learn about the magic of commitment, too.Hot datesFebruary 22 – a day of intense emotions. June 19 – could be super sexy, but avoid arguments. December 13 – love is definitely in the air.

Closer Love Horoscopes Leo8 of 12
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It might surprise you to know that happiness and fulfilment for you this year doesn't lie in having a relationship. In fact, the more you can stand on your own two feet (even within the context of a relationship) the better. Be a good partner, if you have someone you love, but avoid being co-dependent. June through to August will be a good time to sort out issues with your partner or ex. All in all, a big year for relationships, thanks to eclipses in your Love Zone.Hot datesFebruary 16 – eclipse in your love zone – anything could happen! March 6 – looks dreamy. August 13 – focus on your feelings.

Closer Love Horoscopes Virgo9 of 12
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While you're a very down to earth sign that probably doesn't put too much stock in the idea of soulmates, actually, you're a soulmate magnet right now. This is because you have the soulmates planet Neptune in your Love Zone. So view your beloved or potential new beloved through rose-coloured glasses. Romance them and spoil them and you should find they return the favour – that or you get disillusioned and move along. This could be such an uplifting year for all your relationships. **Hot dates **May 8 – a day of amazing changes and radical turnarounds. July 24 – you could get a second chance in love. October 30 – turn your mind to romance.

Closer Love Horoscopes Libra10 of 12
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Healing is the keyword for you in relationships now, as the chaos planet Uranus finally exits your Love Zone after a stay of seven years. Choose the right people to love, and even the most broken heart can be healed. Love and relationships matter so much to Librans, so this should come as great news. The chaos is over, for most of the year. Whereas before you barely knew how certain people were going to behave, now you can start to get into more settled routines.Hot datesJanuary 22 – you have luck on your side in love and life. April 9 – imagine your dream lover and they could arrive. December 10 – a wonderful day to declare your feelings.

Closer Love Horoscopes Scorpio11 of 12
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Your love life is now officially the wild card in your life thanks to the arrival of mad planet Uranus in your Love Zone. This is not a short-term thing – Uranus will be here until 2026 (though a little a bit "on and off" in 2018). This could pan out to be a wonderful and wildly exciting relationship ride. Change is very likely. Surprises abound. Tedium won't be put up with. Stay open to having your relationships evolve and change. Hot datesFebruary 12 – good things can happen quickly today. June 19 – a day of passion - squeeze it into your schedule! December 28 – healing heart vibes.

Closer Love Horoscopes Sagittarius12 of 12
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One thing you really need to remember this year is that if you love yourself, others are more likely to love you too. Saturn's influence in your chart will also affect your own personal self-worth – in other words, how much you value yourself. It's human nature that if we don't value ourselves, others won't either. This is your major lesson for the year ahead. Master it as soon as you can. Overall though, your love life, and your whole life, will be easier in 2018.Hot datesJanuary 21 – set aside some time for love today! May 30 – excellent for talking through love issues. November 23 – perfect for a date night/fun and loving.

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