The most hilarious and adorable dog Christmas jumpers

Face it, you NEED these. 🐶

Dog Christmas costumes

by Jade Moscrop |

Classy or rude, funny or cute, Christmas jumpers are a staple of any British Christmas.

Unleash some of the festive joy into your pet's life this year, with an adorable or funny dog Christmas jumper that's bound to make them the centre of attention and provide you with endless likes on Instagram.

Whether you want a classy number for the family photo or a hilarious sweater for your own personal entertainment, we've got you covered.

From cute classic styles to hilarious Santa-themed outfits, as well as a bandana if your pet doesn't like jumpers but still wants to join in on the fun, here are our top picks of dog Christmas jumpers.

Happy howlidays!

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Top tips for putting clothes on your pet

• While dressing up your pet is fun, it's important to remember that they aren't dolls to be played with. Respect your pet and if it's uncomfortable in any way, it's best not to bother. Always watch for signs of stress, and take the clothes off if your dog is unhappy.

• Make sure they can move easily and that they aren't at risk of injuring themselves around the house.

• Ensure their ears, mouth, eyes and nose aren't blocked.

• Don't leave clothing on for long periods of time and don't leave them unattended while wearing it.

• Never let your pet wear a costume outside, as they could become trapped or stuck on something and end up hurting themselves.

• Make sure to get the correct size so your pet will be comfortable.

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