The average British woman wears just FIVE outfits on a loop

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What are you wearing today? Chances are it's a well-worn favourite outfit you've worn a million times before...

It turns out we're all pretty predictable when it comes to our wardrobe choices, with the average British woman wearing just five outfits on a loop, according to a new survey.

What's more, due to the fact that many of us prioritise just a small number of garments, at least one third of our entire wardrobes are never worn.

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The study of 1,000 British women revealed most of us have just one pair of preferred jeans, four T-shirts and three jumpers or cardigans which we regularly put on.

One third will wear the same pair of black trousers for every single night out and 70 per cent will rely on the same dress for all special occasions.

The poll, carried out by Oxfam, found a third have a staple "work wardrobe" they wear over and over and always revert to a standard "going out" outfit.

Three quarters of the women questioned said they wear clothes on rotation because they "fit well and feel comfortable."

A quarter confessed they often wore the same clothes as they simply couldn’t be bothered to think about what they’re wearing.

Meanwhile 10 per cent said they tend to reach for the outfits they’ve received the most compliments for.

Woman with clothes
Oxfam are urging us to clear out our wardrobes and give unwanted clothes to charity*(Credit: Getty) ©Getty

According to the poll, women are more likely to own clothes which don’t fit them properly compared to men – with 73 per cent admitting their cupboards are brimming with garments in the wrong size.

In addition to clothing, 30 percent own jewellery which is never worn and numerous pairs of shoes that never see the light of day.

Oxfam carried out the study to launch their "Donation Drive" to encourage us to have a clear out and give neglected stuff to their charity shops.

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