Mums are letting children as young as TWO wear makeup!

Mother and daughter applying make-up

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Would you let your toddler wear makeup? According to a new survey, the answer might be, yes!

British mums have admitted they don't have a problem with their daughters wearing make-up before they reach the age of five.

The mums said they would be OK with their little girls wearing nail polish once they were two-years-old, and eyeshadow when they were three.

Lip gloss would also be permitted before they turned five, research carried out by has revealed.

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According to the poll of more than 2,300 women with daughters under the age of 13, on average the mums would allow blusher to be worn from the age of six, and lipstick from the age of seven.

Mother and daughter applying make-up
British mums are OK with children wearing eyeshadow from the age of three*(Credit: Getty) ©Getty

It is a view shared by Katie Price, who let her daughter Princess wear make-up from a young age.

The mum-of-five received criticism when she shared pictures on Instagram of her daughter wearing lipstick and what looked to be false eyelashes and eyeliner when she was only seven.

The mums surveyed said they would draw the line at a "full face of make-up", banning false eyelashes, eyeliner and false nails until their daughters were teenagers.

They would also discourage them from wearing foundation until they were at least 12, worrying that it would make them appear older or ruin their skin.

Katie Price was criticised when she allowed Princess to wear make-up aged seven*(Credit: Instagram/Katie Price) ©Instagram/Katie Price

Typically, the women surveyed started wearing make-up themselves from the age of ten.

When their children had enquired about wearing make-up, a third of respondents confessed they "had made compromises", and only a quarter had "told them to wait until they were a little older".

The mums whose children had yet to enquire about wearing make-up were asked how they planned to deal with it.

The top response was "if they are of an appropriate age, then I’ll buy them what they want and show them how to use it", followed by "I’ll allow her to wear basic items, but not ruin her skin by wearing a full face of make-up too young."

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