Katie Price under fire over ‘adult’ photos of Princess on Instagram: ‘She’s a child!’

Katie Price has been slammed by critics over her latest photos of 7-year-old Princess - but what do you think of them?


by Kayleigh Dray |
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Katie Price, 37, is often praised for her skills as a mother to her three sons, Harvey, Junior, and Jett, and two daughters, Princess and Bunny.

However, this weekend, the mum-of-five came under fire after sharing several photos of Princess, 7, to Instagram.

The images showed Princess wearing a full face of makeup - including lipstick and what looks to be false lashes - and pouting into the camera.

The caption, which read simply, “Princess in her #wickedfairy makeup”, revealed that Katie had dressed her daughter up as her panto character, the Wicked Fairy.

The image, which revealed that Princess is fast becoming a mini-Katie, was clearly intended to show a cute bit of mother-daughter bonding.

However Katie could never have predicted the battering she would have received from fans after sharing the snap.

One wrote angrily: “WHAT THE HELL?!”

Another added: “This is so wrong.”

“How old is this girl?” asked another. “Oh my god, let her be a child. You’re ruining her lovely skin.”

And still one more self-confessed Katie fan said: “I love Katie and think she's doing a brilliant job bringing up her children with such manners and respect but it saddens me to see Princess flaunted on social media.

“Let her skip around the house like that not for the world to see”

However some people defended Katie, pointing out that Princess - like so many other little girls her age - was just enjoying some time playing makeup with her mum.

“People slating have obviously got ugly children and are just jealous,” snapped one. “Laugh it off Kate, I would!”

Another added: “She’s just having fun with her mum at the panto - what's wrong with playing make up we all did. Just because she's able to get it done professionally everyone freaks out.

“Worry about war, not this family minding their own business.”

It is not the first time that Katie has come under fire for putting makeup on her daughter; her ex-husband, Peter Andre, has also spoken out against Katie using cosmetics on his little girl.

“Peter totally disagrees with anything like this,” a spokesperson for Pete said at the time.

“He has said in the past he hates Kate colouring Junior's hair and straightening Princess's.”

Katie, however, has always defended her actions - and maintains that she is a great mum and role model to her little girl.

She said: "Princess loves all that girlie stuff. She and her friends are always raiding my make-up bag, trying on my heels, trying to find new things. I think all girls are like this.

“I don't encourage her - it's quite the opposite. I tell her, 'Do as I say, not as I do.”

What do you think of the images - has Katie really done anything wrong?

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