Helen Flanagan shares adorable new photos of newborn baby Delilah

Helen Flanagan

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Coronation Street star Helen Flanagan and her fiancΓ© Scott Sinclair announced the birth of their little girl Delilah earlier this week, and now Helen has shared some super cute photos of their new addition with her Instagram followers.

Helen posted a series of photos of herself with Delilah and her other daughter, Matilda, telling her fans, 'My life now πŸ’ž feeding my baby girl 🏻 and making sure my big girl gets lots of love πŸ’— our girls @scotty__sinclair Matilda and Delilah πŸ’ž so lucky, so in love with both my beautiful girls πŸ’žβœ¨ #DelilahRuby5daysold πŸ’“' [sic]

The series of photos shows Helen sitting in the shade of a tree holding Delilah, while playing with Matilda. Both girls are wearing pink dresses which mate Helen's pink shoes. Cute!

Fans were quick to comment on the photos saying they were 'gorgeous girls' and it was a 'Beautiful picture'. One fan even said, 'Girls are the best πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•'.

Helen and Scott have been dating since 2009 and welcomed their older daughter Matilda into the world in June 2015. The actress first announced she was expecting her second child back in December 2017. Helen, who plays Rosie Webster in Coronation Street, revealed the couple's happy news to OK! Magazine where she admitted it all came as a bit of a shock.

Scott told the publication: "It was a little bit of a surprise. I was away in Dubai with my family. Helen couldn't come as she was filming. She found out on a Thursday but had to wait until I got home five days later to tell me."

Helen added: "I did three more tests just to make sure it was correct! I had a very strong feeling I was pregnant, so I wasn't surprised."

CORONATION STREET SPOILERS: Ryan Connor KNOCKED OUT after pushing Bethany Platt for sex


Corrie spoilers: 2 July - 6 July

Michelle Connor1 of 21

Chilly night for Robert and Michelle

Alone in the bistro and desperate to have some private time, Robert Preston suggests to Michelle Connor that they should have some 'fun in the freezer' (whatever floats your boat). An accidental nudge leads to the door closing and locking them in. Uh-oh.

Simon Barlow2 of 21

Simon makes amends

Simon Barlow returns from pleading guilty in court for last week's actions. He apologises to all his victims and offers to wash up in the cafe for free.

Seb Franklin3 of 21

Sophie sends an unwell Jack to school

Jack Webster complains of feeling unwell but Sophie Webster still sends him off to school. Poor Jack gets sent home, and Seb Franklin and Faye Windass find him slumped on the stairs clearly very unwell.

Jack Webster4 of 21

Is something seriously wrong?

As they carry him out of the house Ali Neeson sees them and urges them to get him to A&E. They take him to the medical centre instead, but should they have called an ambulance?

Jack Webster hospital5 of 21

Misdiagnosis for Jack

The doctor at the medical centre confirms Jack has a viral infection and advises a relieved Sophie to take him home. When Ali calls at number 13 to check on him, she notices discolouration on his fingers and toes and calls an ambulance straight away.

Jack Webster sick6 of 21

Crucial 24 hours for Jack

The Websters are stunned when the doctor confirms Jack has sepsis - a serious and rare complication of an infection - and the next 24 hours are crucial.

Sophie and Jack Webster7 of 21

Sophie feels guilty

Poor Sophie blames herself for Jack's illness as kevin keeps a vigil. Should she have taken his symptoms more seriously?

Sophie webster8 of 21

Will Jack pull through?

Ali tells Kevin that Jack is not responding to the antibiotics as well as they had hoped. Kevin fights back the tears feeling helpless.

David Platt9 of 21

David starts community service

David Platt starts his community service at Jamila house.

Bethany Platt10 of 21

Bethany gets cold feet

Bethany Platt is enjoying a romantic meal with Ryan Connor, who has got the flat to himself. Things quickly start to go wrong.

Ryan Connor11 of 21

Bethany lashes out

Bethany freaks out as Ryan tries to take things to the next level. Panic stricken, she runs out of the door just as Sarah Platt comes around the corner to see a bewildered and half naked Ryan.

Sarah confronts Ryan12 of 21

Sarah confronts Ryan

Sarah goes into Ryan's flat and demands answers. When he calls Bethany 'a tease' she sees red and shoves him before storming out. Ryan stumbles and hits his head before collapsing. Oh Sarah, this isn't looking good.

Sarah hits Ryan13 of 21

Robert and Michelle come home to a shock

Robert and Michelle are finally rescued from their icy love nest (the bistro freezer, that is) and return home to find an unconscious Ryan on the flat floor.

Sarah Platt14 of 21

Ryan listens in

Ryan regains consciousness and listens to Robert telling Michelle that he has brought it on himself with his bad behaviour.

Ryan Connor15 of 21

Ryan 'forgets' what happened

When the police quiz Ryan, he says he can't remember anything. Bethany meanwhile is worried she caused his injuries when she lashed out at him, prompting Sarah to admit it was her. Sarah visits Ryan in hospital but he shows now sign of remembering their altercation. Hmmm, what's he up to?

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Sarah has regrets

When Bethany tells Sarah that Ryan did nothing wrong, Sarah realises she overreacted in the way she treated Ryan.

Sarah Platt17 of 21

Sarah explains to Ryan

Sarah apologises to Ryan and explains that she attacked him because Bethany had been the victim of a grooming gang and it has made her over protective. But Ryan's reaction stuns her... Meanwhile, Cunning Kayla Klifton is keen to try and lay the blame at Bethany's door.

Sophie Webster18 of 21

Sophie is angry

Sophie slaps Rana Nazir for missing Jack's sepsis in the medical centre. She then tells Adam Barlow that she plans on suing the medical centre for negligence.

David Coronation Street19 of 21

More trouble for David?

Billy Mayhew drops in to see David while he does community service. The other offenders are less than impressed when they see he is friends with a vicar.

Maria Connor20 of 21

Moping Maria

Tensions rise between Maria Connor and Audrey Roberts as Audrey makes it quite clear that the salon is a family business. Poor Maria can't even clear out the broom cupboard without being told off. Ooo, errr.

David and Shona21 of 21

ANOTHER proposal on the street?

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