Family-friendly music festivals: what to pack

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by Georgina Terry |

Heading to a UK festival with your family in tow this year? We’ve got your packing list covered

Going to a festival with your family can be a daunting experience. Gone are the days of packing enough clean pants for each day plus one spare, a pot of glitter and a bag of wine.

Enter the days of seriously wondering if one car is enough to fit in all the ‘essentials’ you need when packing for little ones.

But what do you really need for a weekend of family fun in a field?


CLOSER what to pack family festival

Toys and books
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For back-at-the-tent downtime, or if your little one likes to spring out of bed at 5am before anything is open (just us?).

Standon Calling
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These are generally welcome, but do you really want to be the poor soul dragging a buggy across a muddy field? Some family friendly festivals offer trailers for hire which are a bit more all-terrain friendly. You could also consider a carrier.

Sun cream and hats
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Standon Calling
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It's the UK though so best be prepared for any extreme of weather.

End of the Road
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No excuses on this one. Little eardrums are especially precious.

Battery operated fairy lights
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Loop these up inside your tent for a decent light when little ones need a nappy change / potty trip in the night.

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Take a photo of your child so you can show it to the nearest steward if they go wondering. And to capture all the precious moments, of course.

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Again, not one to pack but one to think about. Incredibly, Boomtown festival offers free buggy taxis for families from the family camping area to entertainment zones.

Pre-erected tent
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OK, so this is one NOT to pack, but how about treating yourself to a pre-erected tent? Camplight, who are doing the heavy work at Standon Calling this year, have a very reasonably priced selection of tents that have been abandoned at previous festivals - so it ticks a big green box too.

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For late night toilet emergencies.

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Just in case.

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So many snacks. How many snacks do you think you need? Yeah, double that. At least.


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