Easter holiday activities to do with your kids

Egg hunts, arts and crafts and more

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The Easter weekend really sneaks up on you, doesn't it? All of a sudden it's a four-day week and you're stuck with children to entertain for four solid days. Eek.

So we've drawn up a list of simple, fun activities that you can do in the comfort of your own home - aces.

If you're stuck for ideas on how to keep yourself and the kids entertained during the Easter holidays, then look no further than our comprehensive at-home guide to fun activities for kids.

Check out our fun indoors activities for kids this Easter holiday


Closer - Easter holiday activities

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Make an Easter bonnet

This one is lots of fun, because your little ones can do their own thing entirely; let them express their personality and show off who they really are with a fun Easter bonnet crafting session.

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Have an egg and spoon race

What an egg-cellent idea! Divide your gang into two teams, and, once done, divide each team into two groups, one at Point A, one at Point B. The first player is given an egg in a spoon to carry from Point A to Point B. At that point the egg and spoon are handed off to the next player, who carries it back to Point A. A dropped egg means that the person carrying the egg must go back to where he or she started from. The first team to complete the relay wins.

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Make Babybel boats

We absolutely love the idea of using left-over Babybel wax to create little boats for your paddling pool or sink - find out how to make them here.

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Easter biscuits

A super easy bake suitable for all ages, you could even give these away as Easter gifts.

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Make a scrapbook

Make a scrapbook together, using child-safe scissors, pritt sticks, and old magazines.

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Garden or inside picnics

Have a picnic in your garden; all you need are some sandwiches, a snack, a drink, and a blanket to sit on. You can even have it inside if the weather isn't playing ball.

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Make an Easter bunny wreath

This cute wreath is made out of sandwich baggies - no word of a lie!

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Healthy Easter bunny pancakes

Make breakfast a little bit more fun over the Easter weekend with these cute pancakes.

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Make Easter baskets

These baskets are so cute, so simple, and so effective for keeping your little ones busy for a few hours - we love them!

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Do some Easter bunny facepaint

Why not decorate your little one like an Easter rabbit using this tutorial for the big day?

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Plan an Easter egg hunt

It's easy to organise your own Easter egg hunt; you just need a garden (or a house, if the weather isn't playing fair), some brightly painted eggs, and some willing hunters! Go easy on the smaller children by leaving eggs on coffee tables and on the floor, but make it more difficult for the older ones. Hard-to-find spots, such as under sofas, in pots, in the mailbox, or atop car tires. Make sure you keep count of how many eggs have been located - as it ain't over until the last one has been found.

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Make marbled Easter eggs with nail varnish

All you need for this one are some hard boiled eggs, a bowl of water, and some brightly colour nail polishes. Follow this tutorial and the kids will love it!

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Set up some paper and paints for your little ones, and have them unleash their creative side.

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Make a pom pom bunny

N'aww, how adorable is this little rabbit? He's super easy to make - all you'll need is wool, glue, scissors, felt, cardboard, a cotton ball, and two black beads. Get the skinnyon how to make him over at Pinterest now.

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Make DIY yarn Easter eggs

These yarn eggs are the perfect DIY Easter decor - and oh so easy and cheap to make!

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Play a board game

Dig out your old board games and have an afternoon of indoor family fun; I Spy and a rousing game of charades are just as much fun if you don't have any boardgames to hand.

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Sweet shop bark

Who doesn't love sweets? This easy recipe doesn't even involve baking, ideal.

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