Closer’s Mum of the Year awards 2016: Inspirational Mum nominees

A mum’s work is never, ever done – and here at Closer we believe these amazing women should be recognised for their hard work!


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Which is why we want to reward hard-working, dedicated and inspirational mums – and we need your help.

For Closer’s Mum of the Year awards 2016, we’ve shortlisted six celebrities, six bloggers and six ‘normal’ mums for you to choose from.

They come from all walks of lives, and each have very different stories, but one thing they have in common is the love and devotion they show to their children.

See our shortlist of inspirational mums below:

Julie Williams

Daughter, Naomi nominated her mum Julie. She said:

“My mum is amazing. She’s 62 and she looks after my nan 24/7 who has Alzheimer's and is bed bound, and has been doing so for the last eight years. Alongside that, she also looks after my twin sister who is autistic.

“She fostered for many years before adopting my older sister, myself and my twin sister. She is such a lovely kind and caring mum, honestly one in a million. Not to mention an amazing Grandma Harry 6, and Alice 7.

“She is an amazing mum and I love her so much.”

Caroline Sutcliffe

Daughter Chantelle nominated her mum Caroline, saying:

“My mum is one in a million. She raised seven children and her and my step dad worked their fingers to the bone to make sure we had everything. Although my mum lost her daughter, she still fought on to give us everything she could.

“When I was younger I went through abuse and started getting into trouble everyone turned their back on me - except my mum. She stood by me through the hardest days. She helped me turn my life around I am now about to start a degree.

“She also runs an animal rescue centre and wakes at 4am every morning to tend to them before going to work all day.

"My mum is 56 and very selfless. I never will be able to repay her for what she has done for me - she is an inspiration. She never gave up and still continues to support me greatly and my children.

“No matter the challenges life throws at her she stands strong and rides the waves. I love her more than she will ever know.”

Samantha Dales

Polly voted for her good friend Samantha, and here’s why:

“My friend ‪Samantha ‬shouldefinitelyly win mum of the year! She is a fantastic mum to Alfie whom has cerebral palsy and is always in and out of hospital due to frequent chest infections.

“She is always there for him morning or night and she sacrifices her own health for her children. She has just had another little boy and is currently caring for both of them a lot and she never gets any sleep!

“She's an absolute inspiration to me.”

Amanda Fyfe

Amanda was nominated by her husband, Steven who said:

“She has done an amazing job raising our child, despite her own physical disability. She has never let her disability stop her, and went against doctors advice to have our son and is the greatest mother I have seen.

"As well as taking great pride and responsibility in the academic and social progess of our son Aidan, 7, she also gets involved reguarly with charitable work such as organising events, all while studying to prepare for when she's ready to go back into work.

"As an example of how amazingly she copes, five years ago she broke her pelvic bone and still cared for him so I didnt have to take time off work.

"Strangers often approach me to say how amazed they are by her, although despite how I and many others find her amazing, she sees herself as normal and nothing special. She truly reflects the notion that family comes first."

Jo-Anne Lomax

Jo-Anne was nominated by her friend Vic, who said:

“Jo-Anne is a busy mum of two, and as her husband is a marine, so she’s often left alone to do all the parenting. She is also the creator of huggable heroes toys which has helped so many children and families cope with separation anxiety when parents are frequently absent from home.

“I would like to nominate her for being such an awesome inspirational mummy who has not only helped her own children but many others too.”

Lynda Price

Nominated by daughter Maxine, who explains:

“My mum Lynda is amazing. I had Hodgkins Lymphoma when I was 7, and she never left my side for every appointment, day after day, year after year.

“I finally got the all clear when I was 20, and married somebody in the navy, who later became violent, and she flew straight to Norway to help me and look after the children when I ended up in hospital, taking unpaid leave to help me for months, and helped me rebuild my life when I left my ex-husband.

“Then I later had major open heart surgery and was told I had terminal heart failure, and she has been there for ever turn every day, even though she is in constant pain herself due to heath problems.

“There would never be enough words to say how grateful I am and how much I love her.”

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